Holy Soul
Japanflag Hホーリー・ソウル (Hōrī Sōru)
DM-36 Psychic Shock
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Holy Soul is a soul found primarily on creatures in the Light Civilization.


The Holy Soul is often paired with the Holy Field keyword.

In DM-37 Dark Emperor, it was paired with Magic Soul, while gaining the Freeze (and Double Freeze) keyword.

After DM-38 Angelic Wars, it was paired with Evil Soul, and cards that supported the graveyard appeared.

Creatures with Holy Soul often had illustrations and designs based on Buddhism and Hinduism, with colorful artwork. Many card names are also taken from Indian, Buddhist, or Hinduism sources.


Banga, the Explorer
Light / Creature / 4
Gladiator / 3000

■ Holy Field (if you have the same number or more shields than your opponent, this creature has its Holyfield ability.)

Holyfield When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose up to 2 of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and tap them.
Holysoul Holy Soul

Cards with Holy Soul


See also: Support for Soul
Support Card: Card Effect:
Silk Do Gyupel, Protection Elemental ■ Your other Holysoul Holy Soul or Magicsoul Magic Soul creatures in the battle zone get "Blocker".
Lahsa, Vizier of Combined Lights ■ At the end of your turn, untap all your Holysoul Holy Soul creatures in the battle zone.
Guze North, Blue Moon Guardian ■ During your opponent's turn, if your Holysoul Holy Soul creatures would be returned to your hand from the battle zone, they stay in the battle zone instead.
Pendelamon, Spirit Knight ■ When your opponent would choose a creature, your other Holysoul Holy Soul creatures can't be chosen.
Pure Kapala ■ This creature can't attack players unless you put a Holysoul Holy Soul creature into the battle zone during your turn.

Creatures that evolve from Holy Soul creatures

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Shinran, the Awakener Evolution—Put on one of your Holysoul Holy Soul creatures.
■ When this creature is destroyed, choose one of the following.
► Put one of your Holysoul Holy Soul creatures from your hand into the battle zone.
Kali Mirage H, the Super Electromagnetic Evolution—Put on one of your Holysoul Holy Soul creatures or one of your Magicsoul Magic Soul creatures.
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