Holy Field
Japanflag.png ホーリー・フィールド (Hōrī Fīrudo)
Holy Field
DM-36 Psychic Shock
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Holy Field is a keyword exclusive to cards that have Holy Soul.


This is one of multiple abilities released in DM-36 Psychic Shock that is tied to the various Souls.

Civilization: Soul: Keyword:
LightLight.png Holy Soul.png Holy Soul Holy Field
WaterWater.png Magic Soul.png Magic Soul Chain
DarknessDarkness.png Evil Soul.png Evil Soul Soul Recall
FireFire.png Kung Fu Soul.png Kung Fu Soul Marshall Touch
NatureNature.png Wild Soul.png Wild Soul Mana Reburst

While it is primarily featured on creatures, it also appears on the Star Flash spell.

It is also Chakra, Temporal Thunder Dragon's Awaken requirement. This enables it to release and awaken instantly on the next turn if the opponent removes it and fails to break any shields, making it extremely durable.

The ability was later redesigned slightly for the Metallica race, as Labyrinth.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Holy Field reads;

Holy Field (If your opponent doesn't have more shields than you, this creature has its ​Holy Field ability.)
Holy Field


7 Chakra, Temporal Thunder Dragon
LightLight.png/ Psychic Creature
Apollonia Dragon

Blocker Blocker

■ This creature can't attack players.

Holy Field (If your opponent doesn't have more shields than you, this creature has its ​Holy Field ability.)

Holy Field Awaken—At the start of your turn, flip this card.
Holy Soul.png Holy Soul

Cards with the Holy Field ability


Support Card: Effect:
Lahsa, Vizier of Combined Lights When you put this creature into the battle zone, all your creatures in the battle zone that have Holy Field abilities get their ability until the end of your next turn.


  • Q: There are creatures with the ability of "Holy Field". What is this ability?
    • A: Count the number of your shields. Then, count the number of your opponent's shields. If your opponent has more shields than you, ignore the "Holy Field" ability. If you have more shields than your opponent, you can use that "Holy Field" ability.
  • Q: What is "Holy Field"?
    • A: "Holy Field" can be a Continuous Effect, such as "This creature gets blocker", or a Oneshot Effect, such as "When this creature is destroyed, you may draw a card." The former ability requires you to compare the number of your shield with your opponent at all times. In the latter case, the number of shields of both players needs to be checked only when triggered.
  • Q: Each player has no shields left.Can I use "Holy Field"?
    • A: Yes. You have the same amount of shields as your opponent.
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