Hellgate Moon Reanimate
ヘルゲート・ムーン (Herugeto Moon)
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Hellgate Moon Reanimate is a combo reanimate deck type.


It focuses on the reanimate effects of Hellgate Moon, the Enlightened.

Recommended cards

Recommended card: Reason:
Hellgate Moon, the Enlightened Core of the deck
Death March, Reaper Puppeteer Evolution bait
Worm Gowarski, Masked Insect Evolution bait
Dandy Eggplant Graveyard supply
Colorful Dance Graveyard supply
Emergency Typhoon Graveyard supply
Crest of Mother Gets Hellgate Moon out from the mana zone

Other card candidates

Recommended card: Reason:
Bronze-Arm Tribe Mana Acceleration
Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage Mana Acceleration
Iru Luka, Transforming Puppet Gets grave evolution creatures in your hand
Heavy, Dragon God Graveyard supply and draw
Phantom Spear Zircon Graveyard supply and blocker
Yata Izuna, Eight-Headed Parasite Gets Hellgate Moon from the graveyard
Filler Robo Concurion Interferes with reanimating the opponent's creatures
Magnum, Allshot Puppet Destroys creatures after reanimation
Natural Snare Shield trigger removal that does not aid reanimation
Evolution Burst - Into the Wild Powerful Mana Acceleration

Finisher card candidates

Recommended card: Reason:
Romanov Kaiser NEX, the Super Enlightened Removal + mana burn + World breaker
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality Powerful blocker
Terradragon Zalberg Mana burn
X Revolver Dragon Anti-ninja strike
Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar Provides additional speed attackers and slayers
Heavy Death Metal World breaker + massive removal
Five Element God If fully linked it can provide World breaker
Emperor of the Gods Infinite attacks
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