Heaven's Gate Loop
天門ループ (Ten-mon rūpu)
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Heaven's Gate Loop is a loop combo control deck type.


It is basically a variation of Heaven's Gate Blockers centered around the combo of Milzam, Spirit of Miracles's Shield Plus and Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elemental's shield manipulation to trigger shield triggers and pull off a loop. Once a loop has been established, it depends on the deck on finishing the game, either by One-shot, Library Out or Extra Win. Necrodragon Bryzenaga can also be used to use the shield triggers and form a loop with everything in your shields.

It came to fame after ending as runner up on the 2015 August Grand Prix. At that time, that deck used Force Again and Hydro Commune.

After that, many strategies were developed and eventually the deck ended up as:

  • 1) Force Again type (First type)
  • 2) Unidentified Objective type
  • 3) Force Again/Unidentified Objective type

After the Hall of Fame changes on February 26, 2017; Milzam, Spirit of Miracles was banned, killing off the deck type.

Core Cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Heaven's Gate
Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elemental
Milzam, Spirit of Miracles
Necrodragon Bryzenaga
Cores of the deck, concept.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason: Force Again
Unidentified Objective
Necessary for the loop.
Hydro Commune
Switch Reincarnation
Cyber I Choice
Positron Sign
Atlantis, Deepsea Evangelist
Additional help for the loop.
Crystal Memory
Cyber Book
Energy Stream
Dragon Pulse Technique, Water Spirit Strategy
Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge
Dragon's Sign
Dragheart strategies.
Olive Oil, Karma's Burial
Scale of Life and Death
Zombie Carnival
Graveyard recovery.
Mystic Dreamscape
Scale of Net and Axe
Mana Nexus
Collapse Wave
Mana recovery.
Psychic You
Upheaval Pseudo mana burn if you use discards.
Tigunus, Saint Bell Wings Anti-discard.
Oriotis, Control Wings
Nariel, the Oracle
Protection Circle
Oriotis Judge
Memories of the Planetary Dragon
Psychedelic Garden, Paradise of D
Arcadia Spark
Anti-beatdown meta.
Alephtina, Spiritual Princess
Marshall Crawler
Cyber N World
Additional possible finishers, N World can trigger a loop with Pakurio.
Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman
Volg Thunder
Volg Thunder Deckout strategies.
Adamski, S-Rank Space
Paint Frappe
Diamond Aven, Spirit of Awakening
Zero Gravity Finishers.
Whitey, Dragon Soul Church
Bluenika, Dragon Soul Fortress
Blacko, Dragon Soul Palace
Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle
Greene, Dragon Soul Ruins
Heaven's Heaven, Heavenly Justice
Endless Heaven, True Holy Church
Javeleon, Beast Lance
Perfect, Immortal Lance
Joan Mizell, Revolution Spear
Dragheart candidates. Heaven's Heaven works as an extra Heaven's Gate. Endless Heaven, Javeleon and Perfect Lance works as One-shot finishers. Joan Mizell works as defence, along with Whitey, which serves to form AOTW as a finisher with the other cells.

Force Again Type

One combo of Emeralda Milzam activates Heaven's Gate, Force Again, Switch Reincarnation for another stack of combo. Thus, the number of Milzam's triggers waiting to be resolved stacks while the deck is gradually compressed. Once the deck is compressed to a certain degree, Olive Oil's effect is resolved, refreshes the deck with the Shield Triggers in the grave and Milzams' effects are resolved, stacking a shield and bursting the Shield Triggers with Emeralda.

Once this is done, there is a chance to trigger a copy of Force Again on Olive Oil. Unneeded triggers aren't cast, and the if shield triggers put into the grave are decided properly, a loop will be established.

The ideal compression of the deck comprises the following 3 steps, ending with 6 copies.

  • 1) 4 copies of Force Again
  • 2) Hydro Commune
  • 3) Heaven's Gate

If the battle zone already has Milzam, Emeralda and Olive Oil, lacking 1 of those spells above in the Ultra Shield Plus effect will not hinder the loop. Finishers are mostly split into 2 categories:

Alephtina Type

The type used in the Grand Prix. By overstacking Emeralda's effect, it is possible to put as many cards from your hand into your shields zone. Since it is easy to stack in Switch Reincarnation in the loop, it is possible to trample Alephtina and aim for an extra win. Since Alephtina's effect is a constant effect, Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility's effect will not stop you from an Extra Win.

Volg Deckout Type

It is possible to loop Zabi Mira's effect by bringing him out with Switch Reincarnation and activating Force Again multiple times.

Pakurio Loop Type

Established mid-September, 2015.

Activates Pakurio, or Cyber N World's effect multiple times with Force Again. When Pakurio's effect count reaches 30, and Cyber N World's effect count reaches 6–7, resolving the effects in the right order will result in a Library Out.

Unidentified Objective Type

Established mid-November, 2015. Otherwise called Unidentified Type.

Compresses the deck by trampling Unidentified Objective with Unidentified Objective. Aims for a set of Heaven's Gate, Switch Reincarnation, Unidentified Objective and Hydro Commune in one Milzam Emeralda Combo, and thus continuing the loop.

Since Unidentified Objective can cast Heaven's Gate and Hydro Commune, it is mostly used for that purpose to aim for deck compressing.

When the deck is only composed of 6 cards, having 3 Unidentified Objectives (1 on the bottom of the deck), it is possible to make a loop using the spells in the graveyard.

Alephtina Type

Uses Unidentified Objective to ensure that 2 Heaven's Gate and 1 Hydro Commune is cast every loop. Thus it is possible to add shields from your hand as much as you want. It is easy to stack Switch Reincarnation in the loop so an Extra Win can be established.

Zero Gravity Type (Adamski)

Paint Frappe turns Angel Commands into Water creatures. Diamond Aven negates summoning sickness, and allows itself and other water commands to invade into Adamski, S-Rank Space for a deck-out.

Force Again/Unidentified Objective Type

The aforementioned loop needs either Force Again or Unidentified Objective. Regardless of which type, having 1-3 copies of other core cards, it is not rare to have structures like those looping safely.

But this type uses both spells, and 4 copies of each. The possibility of the loop establishing is at its peak, but the space for other cards is of course diminished. Linking All Over The World using Heaven's Rosia serves as a finisher.

Since All Over The World, Supreme True Dragon Soul cannot touch the mana zone or shields, a safer win would require more cards. Collapse Wave can serve as mana burn and Draw Lock, and Psychic You serves to exchange safer shields to break.

Playing Against Dokindam

Since All Over The World's effect removes Forbidden ~The Sealed X~'s seals, if the loop is activated during your turn, since all effects resolve from the Active Player, no matter how much you loop All Over The World would end up being sealed.

In that case, it is important that Emeralda, Milzam and Heaven's Rosia's effects are stacked enough. Thus, by destroying All Over The World will Force Again multiple times, its possible to bring out Greene as much as you want. Casting Collapse Wave on yourself can also protect you from Library Out, and ensuring you have 7 mana to use.

Emeralda puts Heaven's Rosia in the shields where he is safe, and bring out 4 parts of All Over The World, then stop resolving triggers. The pending All Over The World effect unseals Dokindam. Then, a pending Emeralda effect resolves and recovers Heaven's Rosia from the shields. Paying him out with 7 mana, and bringing out the last piece of All Over The World will remove Dokindam and win the game.

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