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Heaven's Gate Blockers
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Heaven's Gate is a combo deck type.


It is based on summoning multiple ​Blocker Blocker creatures at once.

Its most common combination of civilizations are Light, Water and occasionally Darkness with its main focus being to bring out high-cost and high-power Angel Command creatures with the use of Heaven's Gate and then use cards such as Alpharion, Lord of Spirits or Alphadios, Lord of Spirits as a finisher.

After Dragon Saga it is possible to construct this deck with Light as the sole civilization. As presented below, Heaven's Gate has a vast array of creatures which it can cost trample, and is a deck with very versatile options.

Recommended cards

Recommended card: Reason:
Heaven's Gate Core spell.
Dragon's Sign Call out Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge.
Lord Reis, Wisdom Elemental Powerful draw.
Miracle Star, Time Caster Spell Recovery and Anti-Discard.
Kaiserbarra, War Dragon Elemental Spams Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge.
Heavens, Heaven's Gate Elemental Spams Blockers from hand.
Valhalla Paladin, Sealing Dragon Elemental Shield Addition + Tap
Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elemental Ways to get Heaven's Gate in your shields.
Super Eternal Spark Stops for no cost tramples.
Energy Stream Adds Blockers to hand.
Cyber Book
Royal Academy Hoele
Second draw option
Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D Deal with Onikamas, Strange Flow
Arcadia Spark Trigger defense + Removal
Alpharion, Lord of Spirits Finisher

How To Use

It's basic concept is to draw using Lord Reis' ability and cost trample multiple blockers at once with Heaven's Gate to suppress the opponent's field and gain a large card advantage. There is a large number of blockers to choose from and can adapt to the metagame fairly easily. Cheap draws such as Aquan Jr.'s Delivery and Energy Stream are also very important to keep up the fervent use of hands. Emeral, Aqua Super Emeral and Hyperspatial White Blue Hole are also used at times to guarantee a Heaven's Gate in shields against beatdown tactics. It is undeniable that putting 2 fatty blockers from the hand at once is a very attractive tactic, and a shield trigger Heaven's Gate while you have hands is a very reassuring move.


Due to its nature is it very susceptible to blocker removal, from trigger mass removal like Mega Blade Dragon and GENJI Triple Cross, Passion Dragon, to attack triggers that can be used multiple times like Crystal Super Paladin. However single removals like Hyperspatial Shooting Hole or GENJI Double Cross, Blastdragon are less of a threat than those cards.

It is also very weak to discards due to the main tactic being cost trampling from hand, and Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper or Tigunus, Saint Bell Wings can somewhat overcome that problem.

As it relies mostly on the large blockers for attacking, Removal control is also a hard adversary to deal with.

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