Heart is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Heart

Cards illustrated under the name of "Heart".

 ■ B-Boy, the Explosive
 ■ Boxing Totem
 ■ Dark Strike, Reaper Beast
 ■ Dondon Striking Now
 ■ Emperor Kiriko
 ■ Jetta, Scar Guardian
 ■ Piara Heart
 ■ Rapudo, Vizier of Cool Winds
 ■ Roachin, the Strange Stinker
 ■ Samba Totem
 ■ Sanji, Lionic Faerie
 ■ Snowma Elder, Avenging Faerie
 ■ Spacetime Man
 ■ Wandering Shroom
 ■ Zanbara, Masked Vizier


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