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Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness.png
Voice Actor 白石稔
Minoru Shiraishi
Signature Card(s) Fudougamaou, Covert Demon Dragon, Ninjariban, Dragon Edge, Utsusemihenge, Blame Demon Dragon

Hattori was first introduced in the Duel Masters Versus season of the Duel Masters anime.


A ninja wearing a purple outfit with a sword on his back. The only thing that is not obscured by his outfit is his eyes and his hands. His real appearance is so far never seen.


He was a dueling ninja.He and his comrades attempts to kidnap Sasori but Kojiro's interference knocks them out of his way, even Sasori and Kaeru when he was running to the ramen shop.He returned and successfully kidnaps Sasori when Kojiro was about to ask her for the golden chopsticks and retreated, telling him to meet him at his base. He returns to greet his lord and prevented Sasori from escaping. When Kojiro and Kaeru reached the base, he defended his lord and quickly build a Darkness deck in an instant, using the cards from his lord's vault.

Building his deck in an instant

He demonstrated his ninja way of dueling to Kojiro and his 3D Dragheart card.He managed to overcome Kojiro's Hellsekai, Great Massacre and his own Utsusemihenge, Blame Demon Dragon ability helps to avoids destruction when he uses Deadly Love. However, Hellsekai has the Dragon Evade ability and Kojiro managed to use his shield trigger to destroy his Ninjariban, Dragon Edge, preventing Hattori from commanding a direct attack and conduct 3D Dragsolution again. Hattori's blockers were destroyed by Hellsekai's effect leaving him no blockers left to defend himself and he lost to Kojiro. Kojiro tell him that both of them will meet again in the Duel Masters National Tournament.

He makes an appearance again in episode 38. He helped Sasori in many ways before the tournament.He supported Sasori during her duel against Kojiro, even though Kaeru disagrees with him. He made Katta Kirifuda to look like his lord, causing his friends to laugh over his appearance. He was glad that Kojiro was able to overcome his challenges.


Like Kojiro, he uses a Darkness Civilization deck centered around Demon Command Dragons and Funky Knightmares. His strategy revolves around destroying his opponent's creatures and his own filling up his graveyard. His main dragheart creature, Utsusemihenge, Blame Demon Dragon can avoid destruction by putting cards from his graveyard back to his deck.


  • Despite he shares the same naming origin as Hanzou, Menacing Phantom and both are also ninjas, He does not use it in his deck, as it has not been released in the Dragon Saga enviromment.