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Happiness Field
しあわせのフィールド (Shiawase no Fīrudo)


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Happiness Fields are a Field card type that was introduced in DMX-26 Final Memorial Pack ~DS, Rev, RevF edition~.


They are put into the battle zone horizontally and have an ability while they are in the battle zone.

Like the D2 Fields they are based on, it features a Happiness Switch ability, allowing them to turn themselves upside down once during a game to trigger an ability.

However, unlike the D2 Fields, putting one into the battle zone doesn't force another field into the graveyard.

It is exclusive to only one card, Please Marry Me!!, a card themed after the relationship of Katta Kirifuda and Lulu Takigawa from the Duel Masters anime, with a proposal-based ability that has no game play implications.