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Happiness Field
しあわせのフィールド (Shiawase no Fīrudo)
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Happiness Field is a Field card type.


This card type was introduced in DMX-26 Final Memorial Pack ~DS, Rev, RevF edition~, and is exclusive to Please Marry Me!!.

Like other field card types are put into the battle zone horizontally and have an ability while they are in the battle zone.

Similar to D2 Fields that have the Denjara Switch ability, this card type features the Happiness Switch ability, allowing them to turn themselves upside down once during a game to trigger an ability.

5 Please Marry Me!!
Light Light.png / Happiness Field
■ Each player is wrapped in happiness.
Denjara Switch Happiness Switch: At the end of your turn, you may turn this happiness field upside down. If you do, propose to your opponent. If your opponent replies "OK", both players will be the winners of life.

However, unlike the D2 Fields, putting a Happiness Field into the battle zone doesn't force another field to be put into a players graveyard.