Colonel Happening
Civilization(s) LightLight.png WaterWater.png
Affiliation Adam's Guards
Signature Card(s) Creation Gods

Colonel Happening featured in the Duel Masters: Star Cross series of the Manga.

He is one of Adam's strongest guards.


Happening appears as a tall man with a hairdo resembling Shobu or Shori's. However, his hair was white. He wears a cybernetic eyeband around his eyes and wears a suit of one-piece armor resembling a robe.

He is the last opponent to battle Shobu before Adam himself. He uses ADAM, God of Worldly Creation and EVE, God of Spiritual Creation and put all of Shobu's mana into the Graveyard using Last Avatar, Poseidon Dragon Spirit and ADAM and EVE's Meteorburn ability. However, he was defeated by Shobu's Kaiser Wing Dragon.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

He was see in a flashback during the time Shobu battles him.


He uses a Light and Water civilization deck.



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