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Hand Advantage
ハンドアドバンテージ (Hando Adobantēji)
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Hand Advantage is the Advantage term of the difference in the number of cards in your hand over your opponent.


Many game actions are performed by playing cards from your hand, so is the main important advantage to have during gameplay.

If there is a difference to hand size due to Card Draw or Card Discard, the advantage is X:Y. X (the card you used, or your current hand) and Y (the card you lost, or your opponents hand).

In order to increase the number of choices you may take in a turn, more cards in your hand is advantageous, as long as you don't run out of cards in your deck.

  • It is only advantageous to have the cards in your hand while in a state where you can play them. By locking your opponent by playing certain cards, you eliminate that hand advantage. For example, with Codeking Number Nine in the battle zone, any spells will become Dead Cards.
  • When Lost Soul or Rabiol, Forgetting Doll is used, all hand advantage is lost.
  • Draw, Salvage and Hand Addition are options to increase hand advantage, while Card Discard is used for your opponent to lose it.
  • The quantity of cards is not always important, as quality is also needed. For example, while you may not gain as many cards by search effects, decks that require specific key cards like a combo deck would prefer to have them as soon as possible rather than having more cards than your opponent.