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Hand Addition
手札補充 (Tefuda Hojū)
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Hand Addition refers to the ability of putting additional cards into your hand.


While it is a similar action, it is different from card draw as the "draw" term isn't explicitly used. However, Draw is a form of Hand Addition.

Searching through the top cards of your deck with cards such as Aquan or Space Crawler is also included, where the obtained cards are revealed to one or both players respectively.

Increasing your hand in card games gains Hand Advantage. Therefore, when building a deck, Hand Addition is normally seen as essential in most deck types (with the exception of Rush, although cards such as Kodamanma, Gil Gil Doll are sometimes used as pseudo-draw).

It can be used to counteract your opponents Card Discard abilities that reduce the number of cards in your hand. However, care must be taken for your deck to not draw too many cards as you will lose the game.

  • If you are hit by a card that discards your entire hand such as Lost Soul, all cards you added to your hand are useless, so you should pay attention to the number of cards in your opponents mana zone and play around its potential cast.
  • Cards with a powerful Hand Addition ability such as Astral Reef and Aquan have entered the Hall of Fame. In the early stages of the game, many of these cards were seen at lower costs, leading to others such as Psychic Shaper.
  • Cards that add cards to your hand are mostly in the Water Civilization, but they exist in every civilization. Light has spell Recovery, Nature has Deck Search and Darkness has Salvage.
    • The Nature Civilization also has various spells that have "Blueprint" in their name that can add cards of different characteristics (such as cost, power, creature or evolution creature) from the top of your deck to your hand.

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