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This page details why cards have been included in the Hall of Fame.

Premium Hall of Fame

List of Reasons for Ban:

  • A) Overly powerful finishers
  • B) Peeping deckout cards
  • C) Cards that give an unreasonably large advantage at a low cost
  • D) Overly powerful lockdown cards
  • E) Used for unreasonably fast and powerful instant death combos
  • F) Unreasonably powerful for no cost cards
  • G) Preemptive measures
Card Name: Civilization: Card Type: Ban Type: Reason:
Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves WaterWater.png Creature C, F Was restricted due to its sheer versatility enabling it for a near infinite amount of uses. Was completely banned in order to reinforce Hyperspatial Green White Hole's restriction.
Aqua Melge WaterWater.png Creature E, G, H Was used in Melge Loop One-Shot decks to spam the field with creatures such as 5000GT, Riot and Crossfire, Millionaire.
Aquan WaterWater.png Creature C An extremely effective hand replenishment in Light Water Darkness decks, replenishing up to 5 cards in the hand for the cost of 4 mana.
Aqua Patrol WaterWater.png Creature E, G Was banned instantly due to a combo with Last Avatar, Poseidon Dragon Spirit which will result in all of the opponent's shields being put into the graveyard. While controversy whipped up as a duo premium Hall of Fame could be reinforced instead in this case, later on Duema Ogre! Kikuchi, Assistant Instructor and Kareiko, Karma's Banned Technique would have this creature shuffle all of the opponent's shields back into his deck in the 4th turn.
Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny Fire.pngNature.png Creature A Known as one of the fiercest finishers in Duel Masters history, it was initially dissed by players due to its extreme demerit of losing the game after the Extra Turn it gives. However, once it is released, decks based on it are quickly winning nearly all tournaments at that time and during a time, over 70% of decks use it as a core. Those decks who do not use it are the same as trash, especially beatdowns, where even if the beatdown does not use fire or nature, they are forced to use several copies of this card and Soulswap or face quick defeat. Eventually more cards that have extreme synergy with it were released and the metagame has been referred as "bolbalmasters" ("Bolbal" means "Bolbalzak", the Japanese name for Bombazar) and many players left the game, and this also contributed to the downfall of the English game as well. This has later gone so bad that card shops signed petitions for it to be banned completely[1][2] after it escaped the December 15 Hall of Fame legislation. Due to this it was restricted to 1 copy but it did not help as right after this decks that were developed to counter Bombazar used Bombazar themselves, so eventually it was banned completely, ending the worst dark age of Duel Masters for a short while.
Crest of Mother Nature Nature.png Spell F Was put into a duo Hall of Fame with Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard and Soulswap due to a combo which is exploited to generate absurd amounts of mana. Was later banned due to its sheer versatility.
Curse Totem Nature Nature.png Creature D Prevented shield triggers to be used and thus removing any chance of reversal against this creature. While it is easily stopped by Zerokage, Lightfang Lord and Hanzou, Menacing Phantom at the time it was banned, the officials just want to remove an unfavorable element of the game.
Deis Magician, Ranger of Gaia Darkness.pngNature.png Creature E Was restricted due to it being an engine to the extremely broken Imen Loop, allowing its owner to spam an absurdly huge amount of creatures combined with Imen=Bugo, Dragon Edge, Boaropagos, Evil Emperor Ruins and Jasmine, Mist Faerie. Was eventually banned completely on February 7, 2016 to remove an unfavorable element, despite Imen loops being less common in the DMR-19 Metagame.
Emergency Premium Hall of Fame WaterWater.png Spell D, G Card was intentionally designed to be banned from competitive play. It has a powerful effect due to the fact that it can effectively ignore any card.
Emperor Kiriko WaterWater.png Evolution Creature A, F Considered one of the most powerful evolution creatures in Duel Masters history. Its existence represents a field advantage of 4 creatures by just using 1 creature. It does not have a cost limit in what it can put into the battle zone and thus it is possible to put extremely powerful creatures into the battle zone using it, usually ending up with the opponent being destroyed with little or no effort. The final straw was it being abused with Cyber N World, Bolbalzak Ex and Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal.
Hirameki Program WaterWater.png Spell F, G Allowed near infinite amounts of possibilities for broken combos, notably Eureka Drain or other combos involving spamming high cost creatures.
Future Slash Darkness Darkness.png Spell B Has no competitive value, but only as a measure against getting around the ban of Hell Slash.
Geo Baribari Miranda Nature Nature.png Creature F Was restricted for being able to be put into the battle zone in the 3rd turn using Faerie Gift which sends out Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious which is extremely crippling for the unprepared. Was later banned on Sptember 15th, 2016 due to it being spammed via Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk.
Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King Light Light.png Creature E The core of many combos with 1 cost spells. Drill Squall was strong enough mana burn for it, but with the release of Oriotis, Control Wings it managed to make the Giovanni Squall lockdown viable, and making it almost impossible to counter by normal meta decks in the Revolution Final environment as most major decks there are rushes that don't have mana acceleration cards. The decktype is also consisted of many out of production cards which does not make Takara Tomy or Wizards any noticeable income.
Heaven's Force Light Light.png Spell F Extremely versatile card. Used in a wide variety of decks, including Light Fire Redzone and Consecutive Draguner. Was banned due to its effect giving decks a consistent way to put out cost 4 or less creatures for only 2 mana. This made certain decks far more deadly, due to being able to put creatures into the battle zone early.
Hell Slash Darkness Darkness.png Spell B Was banned due to imbalanced loops putting all of the opponent's cards in his deck into the graveyard and preventing his deck from functioning by removing key cards.
Hyperspatial Vice Hole Darkness Darkness.png Spell C, G Was put in a hyperspatial duo Hall of Fame with Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler as the two have a synergy that guarantees it to be awakened without any disruption. Was banned near Dragon Saga as a measure against people abusing it with Diabolos Double Zeta, Temporal Demon Dragon.
Inferno Gate Darkness Darkness.png Spell F, G Was restricted due to the ability of putting any non-evolution creature into the battle zone regardless of cost, including the nefarious Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon. Was eventually banned in order to prevent it to be abused with Bolshack Cross NEX.
Jack, Bei B Nature Nature.png Creature C, E 1 drop creature with a ridiculously high power and turns all the player's creatures into living mana. This has resulted in numerous instant kill combos, including Goemonkey Loop, Light Nature Metallica, prototype variants of Gale Vesper and even J Eleven and iFormulaX Extra wins. While the death loops after the restriction of Goemonkey Loop do not have an astounding win rate unlike Giovanni Squall and can be easily countered by cards like Mega Magma Dragon, it was considered unhealthy for the game since it was very frustrating to deal with and promoted almost no interaction between players. Therefore, it was banned without restriction.
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia Light Light.png and Darkness Darkness.png Evolution Creature A, D Was known as one of the fiercest evolution creatures as when combined with various cards such as Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia and Spell Del Fin, Light Divine Dragon, prevented the opponent from doing almost anything. Combo is extremely easy to set up and King Alcadeias can be reanimated by Yata Izuna, Eight-Headed Parasite.
Mad Romanov, the Wicked God Fire Fire.png Evolution Creature A Was known as one of the fiercest evolution creatures due to its ability to cast Miraculous Meltdown which will cause all of the opponent's shields to be removed and Mad Romanov doing a direct attack at the opponent.
Marigold Third Nature Nature.png Gacharange Creature C, E, F Allows for no cost trampling of potentially dangerous creatures for a cheap cost (due to it being a Gacharange, it does not take more than 3 or 4 mana to bring this creature out) and due to its cost range being 5 or less, it may bring out more GR Summon creatures and flood the entire battle zone with a near infinite amount of creatures.
Milzam, Miracles Elemental Light Light.png Creature C, E Main engine of Heaven's Gate Loop which despite its restriction could still find ways to supply shields for Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elemental to abuse.
Rafululu, Sound Faerie Light.pngWater.png Creature A, D, G Overly powerful spell lockdown that destroys any chance of comeback by spell based decks, such as Darts Delete. While the effect only lasts during the player's turn, one can get around it by revolution changing into Miradante Twelve, Time Pope afterwards. The last straw is it combined with Magnum, Shortshot that completely made the opponent's defenses useless. Was proven to be still too strong after its restriction and was thus sent to the Premium Hall of Fame, with the potential of making Magibomber and Galaxyshield decks becoming incredibly difficult to halt a bonus reason.
Skeleton Vice Darkness Darkness.png Spell C Overly cheap and effective discard that can be abused to extremes.
Slash Charger Darkness Darkness.png Spell B, C Was used in deck out loops for mana. Due to it being a Charger, can be cast from the mana zone or reused over and over until the opponent's deck is lost.
Soul Advantage Darkness Darkness.png Spell C Overly effective discard that can surpass Lost Soul in effectiveness if the player keeps adding shields for just 1 mana less.
Soulswap Nature Nature.png Spell F Overly effective for no cost card that is used in a near infinite amount of broken combos, including those that involve Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny.
The Door of Miracle and Mystery Water.pngNature.png Spell F Was banned due to the ability to spam overly powerful finishers such as Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush in the 4th turn, and possibly earlier if it is activated as a Shield Trigger. (Miramisu)
Transmogrify WaterWater.png Spell C, F, G Extremely versatile card that allows a near infinite amount of uses, from the ability to put any creature into the battle zone to deck outs against spell oriented decks. Was preemptively banned so that it wouldn't be abused with Dante, Future Ball.
Volg Thunder Darkness Darkness.png Psychic Creature E, G While the card is not broken on its own despite being used as a finisher for multiple loops, it was banned due to its ability to instantly kill Orega Aura decks which contain minimal or no creatures in the deck.
Tei-Nishiki, Yomiji Darkness Darkness.png Gacharange Creature C, E, F Ridiculously low cost for an abnormally wide cost trampling range (8 or less) and may bring out dangerous cards arranging from high cost finishers to loop parts, usually resulting in an instant death loop. The card who was put into Hall of Fame in a shortest period of time. (194 Days)

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame.jpg

List of Reasons for restriction:

  • A) Overly powerful finishers
  • B) Overly cheap and effective removal
  • C) Cards that give an unreasonably large advantage at a low cost
  • D) Overly powerful lockdown cards
  • E) Overly versatile system creatures
  • F) Powerful for no cost cards
  • G) Cards that have too much synergy with various cards
  • H) Used in loops
  • I) Overly cheap and effective discard
  • J) Preemptive measure
Card Name: Civilization: Card Type: Ban Type: Reason:
Babelginus, Demonic Dragon Darkness Darkness.png Creature F, H, J The core of the Bashginus deck type, where it was used in a combo involving Bash, Misfortune Demon 34, Darth Sith K, Dark Armor and Haridelberg, Hell of D to spam Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman and deck the opponent out with multiple Volg Thunders. The fact that it could also spam fatties like VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" early showcased how dangerous the deck concept was. Another plausible explanation is in order to prevent it from being abused by Gustav Albussar, which it can both use as evolution bait and dropped into the grave by Kizuna Plus in order to reanimate multiple dangerous creatures, as well as Skullbent Gades, which allows it to reanimate any creature for 6 mana.
Bajula's Soul Fire Fire.png Cross Gear A The only Cross Gear to be in the Hall of Fame, various methods such as Aqua Tsubamegaeshi will enable it to come into the battle zone early while others such as Bolberg Cross Dragon will allow it to be crossed with them for no cost, added to the fact that cross gear are extremely difficult to remove, it becomes an unstoppable threat against decks with no cross gear removal which is few and far between.
BAKUOOON Mizzail Fire Fire.png Creature A Ridiculously fast and versatile finisher being able to fit in most decks. Filling the Super Gacharange with Double Breakers allowed the player to trade their regular creatures with Gacharange Creatures effectively and defeat the opponent with impunity. Became too oppressive after Mana Drive was introduced.
Batorai Edge, Blazing Sword / Batorai Keep, Blazing Castle / Batorai Bushin, Blazing Deluxe Fire Fire.png Dragheart Weapon / Dragheart Fortress / Dragheart Creature C, F, G, H Key card in Consecutive Draguner. Was commonly put ut on the 2nd and 3rd turn using Glenislay, Dragon Edge, Loveace, Dragon Edge or Hibiki, Explosive Dragon Edge in conjunction with Heaven's Force, Perfect Fire or Evilvy, Dragon Armored 05 / Evil Force. This allowed the player to reliably put at least one Dragon into the battle zone each turn. Hibiki, Explosive Dragon Edge or Glenmalt, Final Dragon Edge could be put into the battle zone this way. They could immediately attack, thus allowing many large Dragons to be put out in a single turn. A month after DMBD-14's release, DMRP-15 was released, unleashing Genmu Emperor, Infinite Dragon upon the metagame. Consecutive Draguner put this card to good use, often creating a highly effective lockdown on the 2nd or 3rd turn. Deemed unhealthy for the metagame, this led to its restriction in the December 18, 2020 Hall of Fame update.
Black Psycho, Revenge Darkness Darkness.png Evolution Creature A, I Overly powerful discard on par with Skeleton Vice. It was only made deadlier in combo with The Black V, Roaring Sound and Deadzone, S-Rank Zombie, the latter of which could take care of any Madness creature. The fact that it could also remove seals from FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~ was the last straw.
Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk / Boaropagos, Evil Emperor Ruins / Verokiboaros, Ga Ga Ga Nature Nature.png Dragheart Weapon / Dragheart Fortress / Dragheart Creature F, H Extremely versatile creature spammer that is insanely difficult to stop due to its dragsolution requirement and can do almost anything all by itself arranging from beatsticks, mana acceleration, psychic creatures, inducing deck-outs and even lockdown. If two are existing in the player's battle zone in the same time, the opponent is very likely to lose. Its Darkness counterpart got restricted 7 months earlier, leading players to speculate how long would Boaroaxe last.
Bolbalzak Ex Fire Fire.png and Nature Nature.png Creature C, E, H A nerfed version of the nefarious Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny, but nevertheless broken. Due to its super powered mana untapping ability, it is able to create up to 3 additional copies of itself and is commonly used in loops such as N EX to spam the field with massive amounts of creatures.
Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon Fire Fire.png Creature A Was previously in the Premium Hall of Fame, but was the first card to be downgraded from a ban list. It appeared right after Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny was banned completely and decks were quickly adapted to spam huge amounts of mana to summon it, with the card pool at that time, it is a creature of no legit counters as it combines the deathly combination of Speed Attacker, Triple Breaker and Shield Burn, and there is basically no way to get around it once it sets foot. The deck type quickly dominated the Reincarnation Saga limited cup (AG) and in the Phoenix Saga, it became into Eggplant Sapphire where one can use Dandy Nasuo to put Sapphire into the graveyard then use Inferno Gate to put it into play on the 5th turn. Due to all of this, it is quickly banned completely in less than a year. In September 2015, it was downgraded to the restricted list considering it would not be the threat it was in the past and the most effective For No Cost cards were all either banned or restricted.
Cloned Nightmare Darkness Darkness.png Spell I Was restricted as graveyard abusing decks can put 3 of this card into the graveyard, use the other one to discard 4 cards from the opponent's hand for only 3 mana, and recycle it from the graveyard to be used again. Due to the card's nature, putting it into the Hall of Fame deprives it of its concept and is nearly the same as banning it completely.
Colorful Dance Nature Nature.png Spell C, G Enabled graveyard decks to create absurd amounts of resources for just 4 mana.
Come On Pippi Fire Fire.png Creature F Was restricted due to it being an alternative to Geo Baribari Miranda to be spammed with Faerie Gift and to put a Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious on the 3rd turn, greatly disrupting the opponent. Ban also causes collateral damage to decks using Gaial Ryusei Dragon, Star Dragon King.
Cosmic Darts Light Light.png Spell C, F Was restricted due to the ability to spam huge amounts of Hyperspatial Spells.
Cyber Brain WaterWater.png Spell C One of the cards that were produced in the dawn of Duel Masters due to the negligence of the power of draw. Allowed an unfair hand advantage of 4 mana to 3. was eventually one of the first cards to be restricted, then in the start of Episode 1, was banned in order to remove an unfavorable element of the game.
Dark Hydra, Evil Planet Lord Darkness Darkness.png Creature C, E, H Was banned because it allowed many infinite loop decks that would cause Deck-outs or all of the opponent's creatures on field destroyed, especially effective with Heavy, Dragon God. Was downgraded to restricted list considering that it would not impact the metagame negatively if it is restricted to 1.
Dandy Nasuo Nature Nature.png Creature C, E An extremely versatile card that is used in a near infinite amount of broken combos, mostly mana flipping strategies.
Deal, Mechanic / 「Today's Lucky Number!」 WaterWater.png Twinpact D Both creature and spell side provided powerful lockdown. The creature sided provided a potentially powerful Mass Removal. The spell side provided an unreasonable effective anti-shield trigger and counterplay for its cost.
Deis Optimus, the Invincible Light.pngWater.png Creature H In combination with Lalala Life, Faerie Trick it managed to create a backbone for a loop deckout with Arcadia Spark, known as Lalala Optimus.
Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle Darkness Darkness.png Spell I A card that discarded 3 cards from the opponent's hand just for 4 multicolored mana. Against various types of decks reliant on the hand, this alone can decide games all by itself in turn 4, since it is very likely that the opponent can only topdeck after this spell was cast. Due to its cheap cost, multiple copies of this spell can be cast to completely strip the opponent of any advantage. Despite it was choice discard, it was so effective that it becomes overwhelmingly frustrating to deal with.
Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader Fire.pngNature.png Creature A, F, G An extremely powerful finisher that can instantly reverse the situation by spamming multiple creatures by itself to one-shot the opponent, even if the player has no creatures and the opponent has no shields. It is also impossibly fast and usually not under the range for control decks to deal with in reasonable speeds, as Mega Manalock Dragon via Scramble Change or Dorgan Churis will allow it to appear in 3 to 4 turns. Single handly caused restrictions or bans of numerous cards by itself, and the potential of making Magibomber decks worse due to the large amounts of Fire and Light Dragon Magibombers (Which facilitates Revolution Change) adds a preemptive flavor to it.
Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior Darkness.pngFire.png Creature H, J Fear of Giovanni Squall returning due to the appearance of Underkane Loop. So far the record of the slowest Hall of Fame restriction (5891 days or around 16 years).
Dragment Innovation WaterWater.png Spell C, F, H Prevents getting around of Unidentified Objective's restriction.
Drill Squall Fire Fire.png Spell C Cheap mana removal. Used in Mono-Fire and 2C Rush decks to effectively prevent the opponent from using cards. While it has always been an effective card, its great synergy with Gogogo Brand eventually resulted in its restriction.
Earth Ripper, Talon of Rage Nature Nature.png Evolution Creature H Was used in Goemonkey Loop to recover cards from the mana zone.
Emeral WaterWater.png Creature C, E Was restricted due to its extremely cheap price for a potentially lethal shield trigger in the shield zone.
Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon Darkness Darkness.png and Fire Fire.png Creature E, G Insanely versatile Invasion and Revolution Change bait that was at the core of many Deadzone and Dogiragon Buster decks. It could also remove seals for Dokindam X and Dormageddon X. The fact that it could recover Invasion baits like Black Psycho, Revenge from those seals, or the fact that even if a player was hand less if they drew Evil Heat and had a Dogiragon Buster in their graveyard the entire situation would be changed was the last straw.
Faerie Gift Nature Nature.png Spell C Was restricted due to its unfair advantage which often causes early kills such as a 3rd turn Geo Baribari Miranda, Glenmalt, Dragon Edge or Mega Manalock Dragon which can easily cause defeat. Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader was the last straw.
Hayabusamaru, Lightfang Ninja Light Light.png Creature E Was restricted due to its versatility and fail-safe abilities, in which the player can give their high-power creatures blocker to cancel out a lethal attack. It is so versatile, that decks of other civilizations use multiple copies of it to be a fail-safe even if the light civilization is not used.
Aragoto Musubi Nature Nature.png Creature H Was used in combination with Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe in Goemonkey Loop to generate mana.
Force Again WaterWater.png Spell H, J Was restricted for its use in Heaven's Gate Loop. However, the true reason may be a preemptive ban for the purpose of preventing overly quick removal of VV-8, Forbidden Machine's seals, or to prevent abuse of All for One, Machine of D's Denjara Switch effect.
Forbidden ~The Sealed X~ / Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden Fire Fire.png Forbidden Impulse / Forbidden Creature J Precaution for the player to not deck himself out by placing too many seals at the start of the game.
FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~ / Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon Fire Fire.png and Darkness Darkness.png Final Forbidden Field / Final Forbidden Creature J See above.
Gayoushin Jokers J.png Creature G Provides extreme Hand Addition and self-discard when discarded by Jhot Gun Joragon. This allows the player to retrieve Iron Manhattan more easily and one-shotting the opponent extremely consistently.
Galamuta, Matchless Fear Lord Darkness Darkness.png and Nature Nature.png Creature A, D, H, J Extremely powerful finisher that has low power, but prevented any possible form of reversal when it attacks. Was often used in Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny decks to prevent reversal, and in the Dragon Saga and Revolution metagame, it was used in Imen Loop to prevent reversal after it's owner amassed a huge amount of creatures in the battle zone. Was deliberately never reprinted in order to prevent abuse, and is restricted to kill off the Imen Loop decktype, although it does not mean much by itself as most players only pack 1 Galamuta. It was later meant that the restriction is to prevent it from being abused by Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader.
Ghastly Drain Darkness Darkness.png Spell G, H Was restricted due to being the engine for numerous strategies involving sacrificing shields, such as Mad Romanov One-Shot and Eureka Drain, with the latter being the last straw of its restriction. If it is released out now, it makes Revolution strategies broken.
Goemonkey! Snake-Handed Boss Nature Nature.png Creature H Facilitator of a loop in which Marinyan, Dragon Edge could be spammed to link All Over The World, Supreme True Dragon Soul, and then Singing Maid Lin Lullaby could be spammed to deck out the opponent.
Gogogo Brand Fire Fire.png Creature A, F Strong finisher able to be used in almost any rush decks, even non-fire ones. It bypasses Onikamas, Strange Flow and has a power based removal effect capable of dealing with anti-for no cost creatures like Mixel, Strange Stone / Jamming Chaff.
Gyasuka, the Malicious Madman Darkness Darkness.png Creature G Restricted in order to prevent Zeron decks from becoming premium decks.
Hogan Blaster WaterWater.png Spell F Allowed extremely powerful creatures or spells to be put into play or cast for only 5 mana.
Hydro Hurricane WaterWater.png Spell C Allowed Light Water Darkness decks to unleash mass destruction.
Hyperspatial Dravita Hole Light Light.png Spell C, G Allows reuse of Cosmic Darts.
Hyperspatial Green White Hole Light Light.png and Nature Nature.png Spell C Has stunning defensive synergy with Prin Prin, the Victorious that makes breaking through with a single creature extremely difficult. Mana recovery allows retrieval of dangerous finishers that can be summoned on the next turn or instantly depending on the deck type. Can be spammed using Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves, until it was banned along with this card's restriction.
Hyperspatial Gallows Hole WaterWater.png Spell B, F, G Used with Cyberdice Vegas, Gambling Expert of D and Black Ganveet, Temporal Wicked Soldier as a ridiculously effective defense mechanism against rush, easily destroying and stalling rush decks and one shot decks with no spell resistance, and also prevents comeback via Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden because the spell bounces dokindam, making the owner of dokindam lose instantly. The D2 can also be looped if multiple are in the player's hand, which makes the stalling even more frustrating to deal with.
Inferno Sign Darkness Darkness.png Spell F A nerfed version of the nefarious Inferno Gate, it was still extremely versatile and allowed the reanimating of numerous powerful finishers, such as Babelginus, Demonic Dragon. If released now, can allow Sr Spellcyclica, Dragment Symbol to abuse dangerous finishers such as Mega Manalock Dragon or Glenmalt, Dragon Edge.
Infinity Dragon Fire Fire.png Creature E Makes Drama decks even more difficult to face as it can make itself and other dragons indestructible.
Jhot Gun Joragon Colorless Creature H Was restricted due to loops which caused irreversible game states when 2 of the creature was put out at the same time. Using it's effect with Jogiragon and Johnny ~J's Journey~ allowed the discarded Jokers' creature's ability to be used twice. Burning Dead Sword being used multiple times in the turn was devastating for the opponent, and with minimal cards in deck, could be looped with Pokchinchin. Was previously a metagame staple in Jokers One Turn Kill and Joragon Loop. These decks were weakened by the restrictions of Gayoushin.
Kariyadone, Magic Library / Hermit Circle Light.pngWater.png Creature / Spell F, G, H Main engine in Kariyadone Loop. Created a deckout loop in combination with Bloody Cross and other cards which allowed the player to continually cast Bloody Cross, milling the opponent while preventing a deck out due to self-mill. This was possible as Kariyadone's ability puts spells on the bottom of the player's deck after being cast. Scora, Dimensional Storm allowed this deck to become highly reliable and stable, also giving the deck an alternative strategy in case of the deckout loop going wrong.
Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar Darkness.pngFire.pngNature.png Creature G Extremely versatile creature that allows dangerous one shots to be pulled out at great precision. Last straw was Shoegazer One-Shot, and if not restricted, can be spammed using Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk for more dangerous loop one-shots.
Kubrick, Spiral Accelerator Water.pngFire.png Creature B Main engine of Graveyard source as an extremely powerful form of bounce.
Magnum, Shortshot Fire Fire.png Creature A, D 3 Drop that completely destroys any chances of resistance by decks reliant on creatures. It is one of the reasons why Heaven's Gate no longer resists some rush decks, and the last straw is it being comboed with Rafululu, Sound Faerie for an effortless complete strip off on the opponent's defenses.
Mega Manalock Dragon Fire Fire.png Creature A, D Insane mana freeze from which it will be very hard to recover. Due to its race and civilization, it was also good Invasion and Revolution Change bait. The combo with Scramble Change was the last straw.
MEGATOON Dokkandeiya Fire Fire.png Creature A, C, H Key compartment for Yomiji instant death loops.
Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D Light Light.png D2 Field C, G Extremely powerful D2 Field being ridiculously powerful even without creatures in the battle zone. Being able to be used offensively and defensively made it far too versatile for the metagame.
Miraculous Plague Water.pngDarkness.png Spell A Extremely powerful mass removal and mana burn that creates a 1 to 4 card advantage for just 7 mana. One of the most powerful finisher spells in Duel Masters history. If it would not be restricted, cost 7 allows it to be spammed by a variety of cards, such as Sr Spellcyclica, Dragment Symbol and Dragment Innovation.
Miradante Twelve, Time Pope Light.pngWater.png Creature A, D, F, G, J Extremely powerful finisher that fits into all decks with light creatures. It is notable for combos where it almost completely locks the opponent down with anti-spell cards like Mixel, Strange Stone / Jamming Chaff. Having Revolution Change made it possible to adapt into a near infinite amount of beatdown decks that could defeat the opponent without impunity, including Growth Miradante, which is based on low cost nature creatures. This creature has won an impressive amount of large Duel Masters Tournaments since its release and continued to do so until its restriction. The potential of reinforcing Magibomber decks (Containing large amounts of Light Dragons who also happen to have the Fire typing, which facilitates revolution change) adds a preemptive factor to it.
Moors, the Dirty Digger Puppet Darkness Darkness.png Creature G Was the main engine for Graveyard source decks. As a result of its ban, Supernova Pluto Deathbringer decks were no longer usable.
Mystery Hippo Nature Nature.png Creature H Was used in numerous infinite loop combos.
Nariel, the Oracle Light Light.png Creature D, E Allows extreme lockdown to almost all creatures in a Power Creep environment. When combined with Noble Enforcer, virtually no creature can do anything at all.
Necrodragon Bryzenaga Darkness Darkness.png Creature F Memories of the Planetary Dragon and Perfect Earth, Planetary Dragon were powerful supporters of Necrodragon Bryzenaga, but with the advent of powerful Super Shield Triggers, Bryzeshoot became much more powerful as a deck type. Kicked into overdrive, this deck no longer needed a way to artificially create Shield Triggers. DMBD-02 introduced Saizoumist, Dolge, which further increased this deck's stability and made it so it no longer was an "all in" that resulted in a quick win or defeat.
Niyare Get, Zero Trick WaterWater.png Spell C, G Allowed colorless Jokers decks to consistently get a 3+ card hand advantage in turn 2. Multiple can even be casted on the second turn to fill one's hand with vital cards.
Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction Zero Zero.png Spell A, J An attack chance spell that allows creatures such as Yattareman to become quattro breakers and Jolly the Johnny to extra win and destroy 5 of the opponent's creatures without fail. While the card was seldomly used after the release of the much effective Jojojo Maximum, It was restricted in order to encourage use of the latter.
Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush Fire Fire.png Creature A One of the most powerful finishers in Duel Masters history and is the first Victory Rare to be restricted. It can be put into the battle zone instantly by most meta-worthy For No Cost cards, which is a death sentence for rush decks as they run on low cost cards and the for no cost cards that are used to send this creature out, such as The Door of Miracle and Mystery and Mystery Cube have shield trigger. Once it appears, it has no real counters as it would simply allow its owner to take numerous Extra Turns until the opponent loses. Chump Blocking is useless as it's effect is an attack trigger. Can also be spammed by Kaiser "Baki", Zenith of "Certain Victory" which makes things worse.
Onishura, Golden Twins Fire Fire.png Creature F Extremely powerful card that enables the most dangerous finishers to be put to play in an instant. Has stunning synergy with Miramisu, especially Savage Earth.
Orochi of the Hidden Blade WaterWater.png Creature E, F, G Extremely versatile ninja strike that can be used to remove the opponent's creatures, or to cost trample finishers to destroy the opponent on the next turn. If it removes an attacking creature, the attack stops instantly. Last straw was a combo using it that involves flipping Galaxy, Temporal Immortal to send out extremely powerful creatures.
Paradise Aroma WaterWater.png Creature E When there is a Cyber Lord in the battle zone, the player can put 4 of these creatures at once and overwhelm the opponent in an instant.
Paranormal, Task Produce Darkness Darkness.png Creature B, D, G Key card and one half in Dakkal Paranormal, the other being Dakkal, Green Knowledge Sliver. The deck uses deck manipulation spells to put Paranormal on the top of the deck, immediately putting it face-up into the shields. The player is easily able to put several copies of Paranormal into the shields, often reaching at least a constant -9000 power to the opponent's creatures. As this deck is highly compatible with Galaxyshield creatures, it has great support from Team Ginga creatures and spells. Galaxyshieldcreatures are also naturally synergistic. As a side note, this deck made good use of Heaven's Force, which was also restricted in the December 18, 2020 Hall of Fame update.
Parlock's Miracle Fever WaterWater.png Spell G Allowed IFormulaX-tra Win decks to draw absurd amounts of cards and win on the next turn or two.
Perfect Nature Nature Nature.png Spell G, H A useful inclusion in almost any creature deck. This card's synergy with almost every possible creature made a huge impact on the metagame. Used in a large number of decks, including Mono-Nature Loop, Melge Dokkandeiya, Light Nature Five Star and Burnmare Jokers. An extremely versatile card, this card was bound to be restricted eventually.
Positron Sign Light Light.png Spell F Allows Miramisu decks to get around restrictions.
Redzone Z, Passionate Invasion Fire Fire.png Evolution Creature B, G Restricted in order to prevent Galaxy Shields from being destroyed by a single card, since Redzone decks regained popularity after the partial gutting of the GR meta.
Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal Light Light.png Creature C Very cheap and versatile anti-Shield Trigger card. It proved hard to defend against and became a staple in Light Fire rush and Mono Light Gogogo Brand.
Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe Nature Nature.png Evolution Creature H Was used to initiate mana loop with aid from either Goemonkey! Snake-Handed Boss or Aragoto Musubi.
Savage Earth Nature Nature.png Spell F Can be used as both an extremely potent for no cost summon that can put any creature into the battle zone and a removal reminiscent of Father Earth. Can also be used with creatures that have removal come into play effects such as Codeking Wilhelm to deplete the opponent of his mana.
Scramble Change Fire Fire.png Spell C, G Was used to spam multiple high cost dragons at a ridiculously early turn via MaltNEXT, Super Battle Dragon Edge or Bolshack NEX and added speed attacker to already over powered cards such as Mega Manalock Dragon.
Seventh Tower Nature Nature.png Spell C Was not used when it first appeared, but by the time of Episode 2 it was a key part of Zenith Turbo decks to summon high power Zeniths as fast as possible.
Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect Darkness Darkness.png Creature G Can be used to put high power evolution creatures such as Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye and Greatest Caesar, the Dark Kaiser into play for just 5 mana.
Siren Concerto WaterWater.png Spell C, G Used in Mono-Water Mutopia rush decks. For just 1 mana it could retrieve key cards in mana zone, charge new mana and satisfy the Gravity Zero requirements of Manomi, Super Palace Soldier, Coralian, Super Palace and Scora, Dimensional Storm, making the deck faster than intended to be.
Shrine of Rebirth Nature Nature.png Spell C 2 card mana acceleration for just 3 mana. Key part of hyperspatial beatodwns and Orochi decks.
Spiral Gate WaterWater.png Spell B Was restricted due to it being an astounding counter against Psychic Creatures.
Streaming Shaper WaterWater.png Spell C Was restricted to nerf the mono water rushes that plague the metagame. If released now, makes mono water or quasi mono water decks such as Cylinder Miradante and Water Nature Dueland broken.
Submarine Fortress Lair WaterWater.png Castle C Was originally underestimated by players due to its mutually beneficial effect. It was used in several different decks throughout the years, including Marco Beat, Water Fire Brand, and more recently Water Fire Jokers Mizzail and Ryevermouth Loop. Its effect is better, the less cards the opponent is able to draw. Thus, its use was mainly in Rush and Beatdown decks.
Surprise Illusion Nature Nature.png Spell G, J Very versatile card. Its inclusion into the Hall of Fame was surprising for many players. While the card was deemed strong, it was by no means a suffocating force in the metagame. The restriction of this card was likely due to its synergy with Attack Chance spells.
Überdragon Bajula Fire Fire.png Evolution Creature A, D Absurdly powerful finisher that cannot be got around as long as it is not removed. Chump Blocking is useless as it would remove 2 mana as an attack trigger. As it is a dragon, it receives huge amounts of support.
Unidentified Objective WaterWater.png Spell F, H Used to recast strong spells from the graveyard such as Miraculous Plague. However, its bigger role in looping spells such as Heaven's Gate and Wedding Gate as the last straw.
Upheaval Darkness Darkness.png Spell A Was restricted due to its stunning synergy with Tigernitro, Explosive Devil which can remove all of the opponent's mana regardless of how many cards there are, making it a very effective finisher in Mono-Darkness Control or Mono-Darkness Hellborof. It also gathered much hate due to 4 copies being used in many Water-Light touch Darkness Heaven's Gate, and was even more easier to spam than mono Darkness. Was deliberately never reprinted in order to prevent abuse.
Victorious Apache Urara Darkness.pngFire.png Creature C, F, G Great synergy with Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader. Its ability to put out key multicolored Hunter Psychic Creatures like Kiryuin Jin, Crimson Rage, Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious, Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious, Prin Prin, the Victorious and Aqua Attack (BAGOOON Panzer) made Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader decks able to consistently one-shot the opponent within a few turns with little effort or risk.
Violent Dragon Alarm Fire Fire.png Spell J Preemptive restriction against using powerful Invasion cards such as Redzone, Roaring Invasion on a 1 drop creature such as Deadly Fighter Braid Claw on the second turn.
VV-8, Forbidden Machine WaterWater.png Forbidden Creature A, G Powerful finisher, but had a hard time being too slow for the metagame. With the release of DMBD-10, Dead Damned, Triple S-Rank Disaster was released, being able to invade from almost any zone, making it a near guarantee to unseal this creature to gain an extra turn.
Welcome Hell, Supreme Devil King Palace / Deathgoros, Supreme Devil Corrupt King Darkness Darkness.png Dragheart Fortress / Dragheart Creature A, F Was restricted to kill off the Mono-Darkness Hellborof decktype as most players bring 2 Welcome Hells. First Hyperspatial card to gain restriction status by itself.