This is a list of cards that were in the Hall of Fame, but were later unrestricted. This does not count cards that were released from ban to restriction.

Card List

Card Name: Civilization: Card Type: Reason:
Codename SorgeWaterWater, FireFire and NatureNatureCreatureKey card of the Crimson Sorge combo deck.
Deep OperationWaterWaterSpellOne of the Water cards to first appear in the Hall of Fame. Subpar draw card; has no reason to be restricted.
Heaven's Rosia, True Dragon Edge LightLight Creature Used with Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle to quickly revolution change into Miradante Twelve, Time Pope, locking slower decks pretty easily.
Gachinko Roulette NatureNature Spell Allows Zenith Turbo or other mana ramp decks to generate absurd amounts of mana.
Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~FireFire and NatureNatureCreatureKey card of the Crimson Sorge combo deck. Was released, as Miradante Twelve, Time Pope itself was restricted.
Judgement of the Flame's Spear and the Water's BladeWaterWater and FireFireSpellHas overly great synergy with Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny. Banned due to it being a surefire rush counter at that time. Was released from the Premium Hall of Fame as weenie rushes are rarely seen in the Revolution Metagame.
Mil Armor, Mecha King VizierLightLight and WaterWaterCreatureMain engine for Light Water Darkness Hyperspatial controls. Was removed due to the downfall of such decks.
Miraculous Snare LightLight and WaterWater Spell Can remove any non-evolution creature for just 3 mana, including the most powerful finishers in the game. Creatures removed by this card are extremely difficult to recover, and thus this card is also a valuable asset in deck-outs, loops and one shot kill/extra win decks as the number of shields does not matter when these strategies are used, and they may not be recovered again in this case.
Mist Rias, Sonic GuardianLightLightCreatureOverly versatile draw that activates when any creature is put by anyone into the battle zone. Released from the Hall of Fame due to metagame speeding up its pace and slow-paced control decks being more and more rarely seen.
Pacific ChampionWaterWaterCreatureExtremely difficult to deal with quick finisher that cannot be got around by most decks. Has virtually no counters and only costs 2 mana, and just like Astral Reef, it can appear in the second turn due to super cheap evolution bait. Has no use in the current metagame due to high power invasion creatures such as Gatling, Sonic, Redzone, Roaring Invasion and Bearfugan, Super Beast Army appearing quicker than ever.
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality LightLight Creature A strong and almost irremovable finisher, but too slow for today's standards.
Prince Avaraldo, Cavalier of Thunder LightLight Creature Was strong draw in Hyperspatial control, but was later released to push Twinpact support.
Rolan, the OracleLightLightCreatureEngine for Eureka Drain decks. Has no reason to be restricted due to the restriction of said Eureka Drain combo later on.
Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard LightLight / FireFire / NatureNature Creature
Heavy, Dragon GodDarknessDarknessCreatureAllowed numerous broken combos that usually resulted in the opponent's field being wiped out, such as Heavy Loop. However, along with its ban Heavy Death Metal decks took extreme collateral damage, completely breaking the concept of this fan favorite god link. It was later released and would allow players to use Heavy Death Metal again, and it would also greatly reinforce Mono darkness decks.
Aqua HulcusWaterWaterCreatureWas restricted to transfer draw strategies from Liquid People to Cyber Lords. Actually it has been outclassed by a good variety of cards and has no reason to be restricted.
Astral Reef WaterWater Evolution Creature Was restricted due to its quick draw power while also being a strong beatstick. Was freed due to being outclassed by Platina Walsura S and due to its evolution bait being weaker to today's standards.
Hanzou, Menacing Phantom DarknessDarkness Creature Stopped many weenie rushes. Deemed as too slow in the current meta.
Mystery Cube NatureNature Spell Spammed many huge fatties. Was freed to counteract the quicker meta, although it is still luck dependant.
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