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Hall of Fame
殿堂レギュレーション (Dendō Regyurēshon)
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The Hall of Fame is a list of cards that either cannot be played in a deck, or are restricted to a single copy.

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English Regulation

There is nothing restricted in the English game of Duel Masters. However, after its release, Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny was placed on a "watch list" by Wizards of the Coast. Due to the game being discontinued outside of Japan, there are no official restrictions outside of Japanese gameplay.

Japanese Regulation


The Japanese restricted list was invented around the time of DM-08 Invincible Legend in order to restrict Astral Reef and a few other Water Civilization cards that were deemed overpowered. The ban list was invented around 2006 in order to put an end to Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny in the metagame, and subsequently, the game-breaking Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon was put there without any former restriction in the same year.

The act of a card being put to the Premium Hall of Fame by officials is often known as an "Onsen Trip" (温泉旅行), as a commercial of DMX-04 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Hunter and DMX-05 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Alien depicted Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny soaking in a hot spring. This scene is featured in the DMX-12 Black Box Pack artwork of Bombazar.

Be noted that for a card to be restricted or banned, it does not need to turn the metagame completely in its favor or have an extremely high win ratio (Such as in the case of Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny or Mega Manalock Dragon), it can also be that it resulted in one or more deck types that do not promote interactive gameplay despite not being broken in the first place (Such as Jack, Bei B or Deis Optimus, the Invincible), although there are cards that are restricted or banned for creating decks that have both very high win rates and not promoting interactive gameplay (Such as Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King, Magnum, Shortshot or Rafululu, Sound Faerie).

The following list is the current list of banned or restricted cards in Japanese play. All decks must also have exactly 40 cards, unlike the English game where 40 is simply the minimum amount of cards.

Prohibited Cards

Disabled Cards.jpg

You can't have any copies of Prohibited Cards in your deck, not even in Hall of Fame Zero Duel. Despite being largely functionally the same as the Premium Hall of Fame, these cards were banned under different circumstances. The cards in the prohibited cards list were never legal to play, and are banned for reasons other than being overpowered.

Additionally, some official tournaments disallow these cards to be used in order to prevent troubles caused by them:

These cards can either be disallowed or have some of their effects disabled in official tournaments;

Premium Hall of Fame

Premium Hall of Fame (Long).jpg

You can't have any copy of a card in the Premium Hall of Fame in your deck.

Card Name: Civilization(s): Card Type:
Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves Water.png Creature
Aquan Water.png Creature
Aqua Melge Water.png Creature
Aqua Patrol Water.png Creature
Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny Fire.png Nature.png Creature
Crest of Mother Nature.png Spell
Curse Totem Nature.png Creature
Demon Wolf, Betrayal Moonlight Castle Darkness.png Spell
Deis Magician, Ranger of Gaia Darkness.png Nature.png Creature
Emergency Premium Hall of Fame Water.png Spell
Hirameki Program Water.png Spell
Future Slash Darkness.png Spell
Geo Baribari Miranda Nature.png Creature
Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King Light.png Creature
Heaven's Force Light.png Spell
Hell Slash Darkness.png Spell
Hyperspatial Vice Hole Darkness.png Spell
Inferno Gate Darkness.png Spell
Jack, Bei B Nature.png Creature
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia Light.png Darkness.png Evolution Creature
Mad Romanov, the Wicked God Fire.png Evolution Creature
Marigold Third Nature.png Gacharange Creature
Milzam, Miracles Elemental Light.png Creature
Rafululu, Sound Faerie Light.png Water.png Creature
Rarity Resistance Water.png Spell
Skeleton Vice Darkness.png Spell
Slash Charger Darkness.png Spell
Soul Advantage Darkness.png Spell
Soulswap Nature.png Spell
Tei-Nishiki, Yomiji Darkness.png Gacharange Creature
The Door of Miracle and Mystery Water.png Nature.png Spell
Transmogrify Water.png Spell
Volg Thunder Darkness.png Psychic Creature

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame.jpg

You can only have one copy of any card in the Hall of Fame in a deck.

Card Name: Civilization(s): Card Type:
Aragoto Musubi Nature.png Creature
Babelginus, Demonic Dragon Darkness.png Creature
Bajula's Soul Fire.png Cross Gear
BAKUOOON Mizzail Fire.png Creature
Baron Gouyama Nature.png Creature
Batorai Edge, Blazing Sword
Batorai Keep, Blazing Castle
Batorai Bushin, Blazing Deluxe
Fire.png Dragheart Weapon
Dragheart Fortress
Dragheart Creature
Black Psycho, Revenge Darkness.png Evolution Creature
Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk
Boaropagos, Evil Emperor Ruins
Verokiboaros, Ga Ga Ga
Nature.png Dragheart Weapon
Dragheart Fortress
Dragheart Creature
Bolbalzak Ex Fire.png Nature.png Creature
Cloned Nightmare Darkness.png Spell
Colorful Dance Nature.png Spell
Come On Pippi Fire.png Creature
Cosmic Darts Light.png Spell
Cyber Brain Water.png Spell
Cyber I Choice Water.png Creature
Dandy Nasuo Nature.png Creature
Dark Hydra, Evil Planet Lord Darkness.png Creature
Darth Sith K, Dark Armor Darkness.png Creature
Deal, Mechanic / 「Today's Lucky Number!」 Water.png Twinpact (Creature and Spell)
Deis Optimus, the Invincible Light.png Water.png Creature
Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader Fire.png Nature.png Creature
Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior Darkness.png Fire.png Creature
Dorgan Churis Fire.png Creature
Dragment Innovation Water.png Spell
Drill Squall Fire.png Spell
Earth Ripper, Talon of Rage Nature.png Evolution Creature
Emeral Water.png Creature
Emperor Kiriko Water.png Evolution Creature
Faerie Gift Nature.png Spell
Hayabusamaru, Lightfang Ninja Light.png Creature
Force Again Water.png Spell
Forbidden ~The Sealed X~
Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden
Fire.png Forbidden Impulse
Forbidden Creature
FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~
Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon
Darkness.png Fire.png Final Forbidden Field
Final Forbidden Creature
Galamuta, Matchless Fear Lord Darkness.png Nature.png Creature
Gayoushin J.png Creature
Ghastly Drain Darkness.png Spell
Goemonkey! Snake-Handed Boss Nature.png Creature
Gogogo Brand Fire.png Creature
Gyasuka, the Malicious Madman Darkness.png Creature
Hogan Blaster Water.png Spell
Hydro Hurricane Water.png Spell
Inferno Sign Darkness.png Spell
Infinity Dragon Fire.png Creature
Jhot Gun Joragon J.png Creature
Joe Star of Hope J.png D2 Field
Kariyadone, Magic Library / Hermit Circle Light.png Water.png Twinpact
Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar Darkness.png Fire.png Nature.png Creature
Kubrick, Spiral Accelerator Water.png Fire.png Creature
Magnum, Shortshot Fire.png Creature
Mega Manalock Dragon Fire.png Creature
MEGATOON Dokkandeiya Fire.png Creature
Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D Light.png D2 Field
Miraculous Plague Water.png Darkness.png Spell
Miradante Twelve, Time Pope Light.png Water.png Creature
Moors, the Dirty Digger Puppet Darkness.png Creature
Mystery Hippo Nature.png Creature
Nariel, the Oracle Light.png Creature
Necrodragon Bryzenaga Darkness.png Creature
Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction Zero.png Spell
Niyare Get, Zero Trick Water.png Spell
Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush Fire.png Creature
Orochi of the Hidden Blade Water.png Creature
Paradise Aroma Water.png Creature
Paranormal, Task Produce Darkness.png Creature
Parasrapt, Revinvakind Nature.png Creature
Parlock's Miracle Fever Water.png Spell
Perfect Nature Nature.png Spell
Platina Walsura S Water.png Evolution Creature
Positron Sign Light.png Spell
Rainbow Gate Nature.png Spell
Redzone Z, Passionate Invasion Fire.png Evolution Creature
Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal Light.png Creature
Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe Nature.png Evolution Creature
Scramble Change Fire.png Spell
Savage Earth Nature.png Spell
Siren Concerto Water.png Spell
Shrine of Rebirth Nature.png Spell
Spiral Gate Water.png Spell
Streaming Shaper Water.png Spell
Submarine Fortress Lair Water.png Castle
Surprise Illusion Nature.png Spell
Überdragon Bajula Fire.png Evolution Creature
Underkane, Fearless Monster Darkness.png Creature
Unidentified Objective Water.png Spell
Upheaval Darkness.png Spell
Violent Dragon Alarm Fire.png Spell
VV-8, Forbidden Machine Water.png Forbidden Creature
Welcome Hell, Supreme Devil King Palace
Deathgoros, Supreme Devil Corrupt King
Darkness.png Dragheart Fortress
Dragheart Creature


Duo Premium Hall of Fame

Pairs of cards in the Duo Premium Hall of Fame can't be used together in a deck at the same time. If a deck has one of the cards of the pair included, it can't use the other card.

Currently, there are no pairs of cards in the Duo Premium Hall of Fame.

Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard with Crest of Mother and Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard with Soulswap are the only pairs of cards to have held a place here. Soulswap and Crest of Mother were later banned, while Romanesk was later restricted.

Hyperspatial Combo Premium Hall of Fame

Hyperspatial Hall of Fame.jpg

This is differentiated from the Duo Premium Hall of Fame in that one of the cards involved is a psychic or dragheart card. If you have one of the cards in your deck, you can't have the other in your hyperspatial zone. If you use one of the cards in your hyperspatial zone, you cannot use the other card in your deck.

Currently, there are no pairs of cards in the Hyperspatial Combo Premium Hall of Fame.