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Half Deck
(Hāfu Dekki)
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Half Deck is a series of Theme Decks.


They are a product that consists of 20 cards, half the size of a deck and are priced accordingly. Since they can't be used directly out of the packaging, it is necessary to add 20 of your own cards of a similar theme to them. They can be combined with the other half decks, or even a second copy of the same half deck (although this will sometimes cause more than 4 copies of a card).

After the DMC series of half decks ended with DMC-31, "Transform" decks appeared in the DMD line of products years later. These products contained 3 sets of 20 cards, 2 sets of which are intended to be combined with the "core" set. However, these decks had an increased price to match the 60 cards that were included.

List of Half Decks

These decks were released August 20, 2005.

These decks were released July 15, 2006.

These decks were released September 16, 2006.

This deck was released in June 2016 with CoroCoro comic.

List of Transform Decks