Civilization(s) LightLight
Voice Actors Joshua Seth (Season 1)
Joe Ochman (Season 1.5)
Doug Erholtz (Season 3)
皆川 純子
Junko Minagawa (All seasons)
Signature Card(s) Urth, Purifying Elemental
Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits
Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life
Ulpheus, Dragonic Spirit
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality
White Knight HEAVEN, Lord of Spirits
Five Star
As White:
Alphadios, Lord of Spirits
(Manga only)
Nero Gryphis, Mystic Light Emperor
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

Hakuoh is a character in the anime and manga series.

His name loosely translates to "White Phoenix", which also reveals what deck theme he uses: the Light Civilization.


Hakuoh has a habit of holding back to toy with his opponents until he has one or two shields remaining before taking things seriously and turns things around with a single turn.


Season 1

Hakuoh is the strongest duelist shown at the temple. He mainly uses cards from the Light Civilization in his deck, and is also the leader of the White Soldiers. He never enters tournaments as he is the head of the temple and had never lost a game before Shobu.

In order to duel against Hakuoh, a duelist must obtain 50 tokens from many duelists in a free-for-all challenge and also to defeat the four temple Guardians. Before Hakuoh was turned evil by the Master, he was a nice person and a great duelist who enjoyed playing for fun. After his duel with Shobu where he lost, he joined Shobu's group of friends.

Hakuoh first appeared in episode 6 (Wok on the Wildside) of the first season of the Duel Masters Anime, when he had a match with a duelist from china, To-Ban-Jan. To-Ban-Jan used a Fire Civilization deck that was similar to Shobu's deck. Hakuoh managed to defeat To-Ban-Jan easily in their duel.

Duel Masters Versus

He appears as a teenager in Shobu's flashback in episode 46 when Katta Kirifuda read his thoughts through the letter. Even Shobu was reminded of Hakuoh through Lucifer despite his memory loss.


Hakuoh's deck is focused on Light civilization creatures, summoning creatures with high power and the Blocker ability as well as tapping opponent creatures. Because light blockers usually can attack other creatures, but not players, Hakuoh uses tapping cards to enable his blockers to take down his opponent's creatures as well as block his enemy's attacks. He also uses Diamond Cutter to enable his blockers to attack players to speed up their defeat.

In Season 2 when he was in the Shobu's group he started to also use some of the Nature Civilization and multicolored cards in his deck. In the end of this season he was captured by Zakira and became brainwashed.

He was then told about the tragic story of his mother, and how Shobu's group was the cause of everything and that Shobu's group was also holding him back.

In Season 3, he appeared in the persona known as "White", and started to use Darkness Civilization cards in his deck.

Season 1

Urth and Hanusa were cards that were gifted to him from his mother, as well as his main trump cards.

Sacred Lands
In the English season 2 of Duel Masters, Hakuoh's deck was more based on evolution creatures such as Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits, Kuukai, Finder of Karma and Craze Valkyrie, the Drastic, though he kept most of the cards from his Duel Masters Season 1: Episode Listing|Season 1 deck, the only additions he made being:

Duel Masters Charge
In the Duel Masters Charge season, Hakuoh changes his deck a few times.

During the Duel Masters movie, Hakuoh used new deck based on his vortex evolution card Aura Pegassus. He used both Light and Nature Civilization cards.

His battle arena tournament deck began as a Light and Water deck based on creatures with the Blocker Blocker ability that is based on summoning Alcadeias. He added Water Civilization cards to his deck because he thought that he needed more draw power.

Later in the season, when he was able to duel again, Hakuoh began to use Light and Nature cards. His main trump cards and then discovered to be an Awakening Card is Alphadios, Lord of Spirits.

After he was turned into White he dueled Mimi, using Light and Nature deck focusing on adding mana to summon Alphadios, Lord of Spirits.

While he was White he dueled Kokujo, he added many Cross Gears into his deck. His trump card was still Alphadios, Lord of Spirits.

Zero Duel Masters
His deck was based on powerful blockers and evolution creatures like Larba Geer and Alcadeias. He uses less cost and more efficient tap cards.

Season 3/4/5/6 deck
In later seasons of the anime, Hakuoh starts to use cards from the White Knight archetype. These cards were used in season 3 and 4.

At the end of Season 4, he started to use a new deck based on DMC-46 Arcadias Knights. This deck also featured various cards from Darkness Civilization, as well as multicolored Light and Darkness creatures. The deck is also used by his regular consciousness in the Duel Masters Star Cross manga against Surprise. He used some cards:

In the middle of the 5th season, Hakuoh was saved by Shobu's group. After being saved, he changed his deck back to the light civilization and used a DMC-50 Perfect Angel deck. He used the Perfect Angel deck and managed to defeat Zakira and promised to Shobu and the group to always be a part of their group, and to become stronger.  He used some cards: 

Similar to the others in the group, Hakuoh started to use Psychic Creatures and Hyperspatial spells in season 6.



  • In episode 6 of the English dub version of the anime, one of the announcers mentioned that Hakuoh was affiliated with clothing stores and hair products.
  • When Shobu won his duel in Season 1 against him, his hair turned from blue to yellow.
  • In the Versus Saga, Lucifer was like his counterpart in Katta's generation, similar to Katta Kirifuda being similar to his brother Shobu Kirifuda.
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