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Civilization(s) Darkness Darkness.png
Family Ken (Grandfather)
Voice Actor 田中里和
Tanaka Satowa

Hako was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory season of the Duel Masters anime.


She is the grand daughter of Ken. Katta and his friends came to train at her home. She kind of likes Katta. When she was young she lost one of her precious card and could never find it again. Since then she have been haunted by her own card spirit of Kitarou, the Cursed Corpse. Finally one day she gets her card back through Katta who have found its spirit and dueled it to get the card back to Hako.

Later she went on a picnic with Katta and also for training purposes as well. While she was training they were attacked by some mountain duelist monkeys who depicts every human who duel. And now these monkeys know how to duel as well. She dueled their leader who was a Gorilla and defeated him. She later named the Gorilla Monjiro.

She later showed up with her grandfather at the Duel Carnival Tournament to cheer Katta for his finals. When Onsen escapes the hospital, she follows his teammates along with Katsumaru and Monjiro and watches Benchan dueling Onsen, shocked to see that Benchan was defeated. She then pointed to Katta about the situation on the tower when they arrived. Before scaling the tower through the stairs, Katta asks her to keep anyone out of the tower to prevent any casualties.

She keeps her promise and blocks Mimi and the staff's attempt to help Katta to concentrate on the duel on top of the tower.


She uses a Darkness deck.