Haccan is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Haccan

Cards illustrated under the name of "Haccan".

 ■ Amitoaki, Explorer of Adventure
 ■ Aqua Holy
 ■ Aqua Patrol
 ■ Aures, Spirit Knight
 ■ Bloody Cymbal
 ■ Carnival Totem
 ■ Cauldron Shell
 ■ Chitta Peloru
 ■ Crack Crawler
 ■ Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom
 ■ Death Waltz, Demon of Death
 ■ Dorvolan, the Battle Attacking Dragon Rider
 ■ Endless Puppet, Lord of Magic
 ■ Galzark, Divine Destruction Dragonmech
 ■ Gaulezal Dragon
 ■ Gigio's Hammer
 ■ Gonta, the Warrior Savage
 ■ Hearty Cap'n Polligon
 ■ Honoo, the Brave Blow
 ■ Illusion Fish
 ■ Larba Geer, the Immaculate
 ■ Lightning Kid, Spirit of Divine Armaments
 ■ Marshias, Spirit of the Sun
 ■ Melkomi Tamatama, Shadow of Restraint / Gushatto Fist
 ■ Micute, the Oracle
 ■ Milporo
 ■ Rage Buckle, Strong-armed Fairy
 ■ Red Ridaz', Explosive Daredevils
 ■ Shaman Melissa, Melting Snow Fairy
 ■ Siren Concerto
 ■ Soul Vice Dragoon
 ■ Ten-Ton Crunch
 ■ Terradragon Gamiratar
 ■ Time Scout
 ■ Tra Rion, Penumbra Guardian
 ■ Twin Turbo
 ■ Zack Ranba, the Sword Attacker
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