HOKUTO is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by HOKUTO

Cards illustrated under the name of "HOKUTO".

 ■ Almil, Rebirth Elemental
 ■ Berserk, Sanctuary Odin
 ■ Big Pulsar, Trade Succession
 ■ Bloody Mary
 ■ Cobalt Hulcus, Aqua Savage
 ■ Dieleague, Giant Ball
 ■ Inuhakka, Inga's Mamorukami
 ■ Kyansamu, Pincer Wings
 ■ Ottakara Atakara
 ■ Protection Circle
 ■ Scale of Life and Death
 ■ St Flask Beaker, Dragment Symbol
 ■ Torikabuto, Familia's Disintegration
 ■ Votch Idel, Cruel Demon Dragon
 ■ Xf Croce Fuoco, Dragment Symbol

Cards illustrated under the name of "Hokuto".

 ■ Bakuadorgan, Passion Dragon


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