HMK84 is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by HMK84

Cards illustrated under the name of "HMK84".

 ■ Beryldotter
 ■ For You
 ■ Kaiserbarra, War Dragon Elemental
 ■ Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental
 ■ Mandadamu, Jushin
 ■ One Cannon Wyvern
 ■ Pangiorno, Judgment Bond
 ■ Paralira Sailing
 ■ Sabezorori, Spectral Knight
 ■ Seventh, Light Divine Dragon / Violen Spark
 ■ So☆Gyo
 ■ Tamategame, Palace Ship / Brain Time
 ■ Tyura, Live-Saving Will
 ■ Vyston, Earth's Death
 ■ Welter Rusher
 ■ Yosai, Brave Judgment Bond

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