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DMR-05 Episode 2: Golden Age
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Guardman is a keyword shared between the Fire and Nature civilizations.


Guardman is an altered and weaker version of the Blocker keyword ability that was exclusive to the Light, Water and Darkness civilizations.

Unlike the Blocker ability, you can only tap creatures with the Guardman ability when your opponent attacks one of your other creatures to make them battle your creature with the Guardman ability instead.

However, as Guardman ability is not "Blocker", creatures with the Guardman keyword are unaffected by cards that destroy creatures that have the Blocker ability. They are also able to stop attacks from creatures that can't be blocked as Guardman is not considered to be blocking.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Guardman reads:

Guardman (You may tap this creature to change the attack target of your opponent's creature from your other creatures to this creature.)

The previous reminder text for Guardman read:

Guardman (When one of your other creatures is attacked, you may tap this creature. If you do, the attacking creature will attack this creature instead.)


4 Fukisusabu Hanafubuki
Nature / Evolution Creature
Beast Folk + Hunter


■ Evolution—Put on one of your Beast Folk.

Guardman (When one of your other creatures is attacked, you may tap this creature. If you do, the attacking creature will attack this creature instead.)

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

■ While this creature is tapped, and your opponent's creatures attack, that creature attacks this creature if able.


Cards with the Guardman ability

Cards that give creatures the Guardman ability


Cards that support the Guardman ability

Support Creature: Card Effect:
Deirinojikan ■ Whenever this creature attacks, you may put a creature that has Guardman from your mana zone or hand into the battle zone.
Lupus, Full Armor ■ When one of your other creatures that has Guardman battles your opponent's creatures, you may have them battle this creature instead.


  • Q: What is "Guardman"?
    • A: When one of your creatures is attacked, you may tap a creature with "Guardman" to redirect the attack from the attacked creature to the creature with "Guardman". It is similar to "Blocker", but is limited to the attack of your creatures.
  • Q: My opponent's creature has been attacked by me. Can I use "Guardman"?
    • A: No, "Guardman" can only be used when your creature are attacked.
  • Q: I used "Guardman" ability. Can I then block that attack using another creature's "Blocker"?
    • A: Yes, but "Guardman" must be used before "Blocker".
  • Q: If my opponent's creature can't be blocked, can I change the target of the attack using "Guardman"?
    • A: Yes. "Guardman" and "Blocker" are different abilities, so "Guardman" is not affected by creatures that can't be blocked. "Guardman" is affected by creatures such as Omegattai Sandaioh, whose attack can't be redirected.

Color percentages

There are a total of 34 cards with the Guardman ability, which divide by civilization as such:

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