This dragheart can flip over into Daiginga, Dragsolution Star Castle
Great Galaxy, Giant Castle
おおいなる銀河ぎんが 巨星城きょせいじょう
Civilization: FireFire.png
Card Type: Dragheart Fortress Dragheart icon.png
Hyperspatial Cost: 4
English Text: ■ Whenever one of your fire creatures win a battle, you may draw a card.

Dragsolution: At the start of your turn, if you have 2 or more fire creatures in the battle zone, flip this card to the dragheart creature side and untap it. (At the start of your game, draghearts are put into your hyperspatial zone. If a creature equipped with it or the dragheart leaves the battle zone, return it there.)

Japanese Text: ■ 自分の火のクリーチャーがバトルに勝った時、カードを1枚引いてもよい。

■ 龍解-自分のターンのはじめに、バトルゾーンに火のクリーチャーが2体以上あれば、このドラグハートをクリーチャー側に裏返し、アンタップしてもよい。 (ゲーム開始時、ドラグハートは自身の超次元ゾーンに置き、バトルゾーンを離れた場合、そこに戻す)

Mana Number: 0
Illustrator: NAKAMURA_8
Sets and Rarity:
Promotional Promotional.png
(P43a/Y13, P67a/Y13 — No Rarity)
Other Card Information:
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