Gravity Zero
Japanflag Gグラビティ・ゼロ (Gurabiti Zero)
DM-16 Origin of Perfect Gear
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Gravity Zero is an ability word that features in each of the 5 monocolored civilizations.


Creatures or spells with the Gravity Zero ability word can be summoned into the battle zone or cast for no cost if certain requirements are met.

It was abandoned until Gabriella, Holy Princess in DM-30 and has became somewhat of an Evergreen keyword since then, with the only exception being that it does not appear in the beginning of the game's history.

All of the Gravity Zero cards in DM-16 affect both the player and the opponent.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for creatures with Gravity Zero reads;

Gravity Zero — If you have "CONDITION", you may summon this creature for no cost.

The latest reminder text for spells with Gravity Zero reads;

Gravity Zero — If you have "CONDITION", you may cast this spell for no cost.


7 Valkerios Dragon
Fire / Creature
Armored Dragon


Gravity Zero — If there are 2 or more Armored Dragons in the battle zone, you may summon this creature for no cost.

■ Double breaker


Cards with the Gravity Zero ability


Evolution Creatures

 ■ Alpharion, Lord of Spirits
 ■ Dolgeyukimura, Last Ninja
 ■ Don Grill, Flavor Chief
 ■ Ryusei, the End of Conclusion
 ■ Trigram, Zero-order Dragon Formula
 ■ Überdragon King Bolshack



  • Even if the requirements of the Gravity Zero is met, the creature can still be summoned for its usual cost. (This is important against cards such as Magnum, Allshot Puppet)
  • You can only use the Gravity Zero ability of creatures at the same time you may regularly be able to summon a card, during the Summon and Cast step of your turn and before attacking.
  • There are no limit on how many Gravity Zero cards you can use at once unless when stated by the card.
  • Gravity Zero is one of the few For No Cost ways of sending out creatures that are not affected by Senno, Brainwash and Onikamas, Strange Flow as they are considered summoned.
  • A card that reduces the cost of a card says that "They can't cost less than 1" does not affect cards with Gravity Zero. They may still be played at a cost of 0.

Color percentages

There are a total of 21 cards with the Gravity Zero ability, which divide by civilization as such:

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