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Graveyard Fertilizer
墓地肥やし (Bochi Koyashi)
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Graveyard Fertilizer is a term for purposefully putting your own cards into your graveyard.


It is usually done for Combo and/or Reanimate purposes, forming synergy with other cards.

There are various methods of Graveyard Fertilizer cards that put cards from various zones into your graveyard.

Dandy Nasuo can put a card from your deck into your graveyard.

Emergency Typhoon can put cards from your hand into your graveyard without losing a number of cards in your hand.

Colorful Dance can put multiple cards into your mana zone, while exchanging cards in the zone into your graveyard.

4 Colorful Dance
Nature Nature.png / Spell

■ Put the top 5 cards of your deck into your mana zone. Then put 5 cards from your mana zone into your graveyard.

Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian can put the top cards of your deck into your graveyard while you keep a creature with "​Blocker Blocker" in the battle zone.

Necrodragon End of the World can put an unprecedented amount of cards (all, except 3) from your deck into your graveyard.

Dandy Nasuo and Colorful Dance have both entered the Hall of Fame due to their usefulness. Others such as Streaming Shaper and Ailfreet, Holy Gates Elemental can also be used to put multiple cards into your graveyard.

Some cards can be used to counter this form of ability, where cards in your graveyard can be sent back into a zone such as the deck.

While some of those countermeasure cards only specifically target cards in the graveyard, some provide other benefits such as Hand Addition (Cyber N World) or Mana Acceleration (Purification Trap).

There are few cards that are able to specifically target cards from your deck into your graveyard. With the exception of Dandy Nasuo and Slash Charger both in the Hall of Fame, this can include cards such as Baron Gouyama and Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye. There are many cards that can blindly put cards from the top of your deck into your graveyard, but these cards can vary in effectiveness due to the randomness.

History of Graveyard Fertilizer

Pre-Reincarnation Saga

Phoenix Saga

Sengoku Saga

Divine Evolution Saga

Psychic Shock

  • In this block, an Attack Trigger keyword known as Soul Recall appeared that required a specific number of cards in your graveyard to returned to the bottom of your deck to be used. To offset this, many cards that put cards from zones into your graveyard were included. Decks of this nature using Graveyard fueling strategies were weakened however by Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect and Heavy, Dragon God entering the Hall of Fame.

Episode 1

  • While the deck type was already disappearing, Cyber N World was being heavily used as a graveyard reset in the metagame. The general strategy did receive an update in 2 cards, Volg Thunder that formed a deckout deck type; Volg Thunder Deckout as well as the Bone Dance Charger spell that provided a self mill of 2 cards as well as the Charger ability.

Episode 2

Episode 3