Gouhaten Tsukumogatari
轟破天九十九語 (Gōhaten Tsukumogatari)
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Gouhaten Tsukumogatari is a Turbo deck type.


It focuses on replenishing the hand and ramping up to 10 mana as fast as possible in order to cast Gouhaten Tsukumogatari for a lockdown or extra win. Due to the card and its finishers usually being Power 12000 or more creatures, numerous strategies can be incorporated in it, such as Shinobis and even Gale Vesper support. If left unchecked, this deck like All Delete can easily cause defeat to your opponent with a single spell, making it very dangerous for defensive decks such as Heaven's Gate as stalling is impossible. Due to the key creatures being stored in mana zone and the player's creatures that are manually summoned into the battle zone are usually disposable, removing the creatures involved is usually pointless, making it especially potent against board removal control.

However, it shares the weakness of the aforementioned All Delete Dokindam decks and Gale Vesper decks and to a lesser extent, Doguraeater. While traditional metagame for no cost trample meta such as Oriotis, Control Wings and Onikamas, Strange Flow do not affect it due to the spell ignoring all effects of creatures when they are put into the battle zone, Yadoc, Beast Army and Senno, Brainwash quickly become a threat for those who were unable to remove it quickly as they do not allow any creatures to be put into the battle zone. Additionally due to the high cost of Gouhaten Tsukumogatari, spell meta such as Sido, Time 3 and Taslic, Strange Stone can cripple the deck. If DG ~Time of Judgment~ is used, it becomes incredibly lethal to this deck due to being unable to boost. As it relies on the contents on the mana zone to win, it is incredibly weak against Mana Burn.

Furthermore, depending on decktype it can be susceptible to the opponent's creatures just like Doguraeater, usually the ones that prevent defeat like Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility as it draws the opponent's creatures from his mana zone into the battle zone. If the focus is on lockdown finishers or Shakogairu, Water Academy No. 9, this becomes less of an issue.

Interestingly, due to sharing a concept with All Delete Dokindam, the two strategies can be connected and formed into a single deck using the help of Dolzwei Astelio.

Core Cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Kingdom Ohkabuto / Gouhaten Tsukumogatari Main finisher.
Shakogairu, Water Academy No. 9
The End of Universe, Infinite Galaxy
Win conditions.
Wald Brachio, Absolute World King
Dorago the Great, Dragon World
Moai Land, Ancient Paradise
VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura"
Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal
Lockdown Finishers.

Candidates for 12000 power or more oriented builds

Recommended cards: Reason:
Jumbo Rapadise Necessary card for searching out key parts.
Kolencoco Tank Search + Mana Accel.
Ichigotchi Tank / Let's Goichigo Power 12000 or more Mana accel.
Kuromame Danshaku / Hakumai Danshaku Boost in early game and lockdown in late game. Mandatory in most cases.
Bontobolt Mach Fighter to take down the opponent's troublesome creatures and to defend from direct attack.
Bonto Plantbo Quick Mana accel due to the abundance of 12000 power creatures.
Deathmatch Beetle Anti for no cost trample.
Tomeiteo, Dragon Car Mach Fighter + Revolution Change into Puchohenza.
Na Turalgo Danger / Natural Trap Defense trigger.
Puchohenza, Mia Moja Anti-rush.

Candidates for Shinobi-oriented builds

Recommended cards: Reason:
Sarutobi Giant, Dolge Ninja Strike mana accel + defense.
Baiken, Blue Dragon of the Hidden Blade Defense tag with Sarutobi Giant.
Faerie Shower Mana Accel + Hand replenish
Faerie Life Basic mana accel; needs no explanation
Analith, Cyber Armor Card draw or mana accel.
Saizoumist, Dolge Ninja Strike defense; fixed absorbs attacks.
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Hall of Fame classic Ninja Strike.

Other candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Mega Magma Dragon Used as mass removal if Fire is included.
Team Hamukatsu's Explosion Go! Used as defense if Fire is included.
Ragnarok, the Clock Used as defense if Water is included.
Holy, Flash Guardian Used as defense if light is included.
Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D Gives Shinobis Blocker.
Dolzwei Astelio Mass Mana accel + Mach Fighter removal.

Template Builds

In the anime

  • In the Twinpact Arc of Joe's saga, Kabu Toki uses a deck similar to this. However, it focuses on removing the opponent's creatures instead of extra wins, and often it results in a full board and mana wipe. Only Joe himself was capable of surviving this thanks to Jhot Gun Joragon and Wild Shield Climax.
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