Gou Tetsujo
鉄条てつじょう ごう
DM-Victory V 18
Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness
Voice Actor 東谷篤門
Atsuto Higashitani
Signature Card(s) Snake Tailcoat, Black Demon of Torture

Gou Tetsujo was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory V season of the Duel Masters Anime.


He has the habit of scaring his classmates with his ghost stories. One night after the class finishes really late he sticks with Katta and his group and tells them the story of the Seven Incredible Curses. Later he challenges Yohdel to a duel and defeats him, scaring him with his Snake Tailcoat, Black Demon of Torture

Later it is revealed that Leo Hyakujuu and Nanmo Nai were helping him to create the perfect atmosphere for his ghost stories by playing a creepy piano tune and moving mannequins around. Afterwards Gou sends Katta and his friends to check the toilets that were supposedly haunted by the ghost of Hanako. However, after a small jumpscare it is revealed that Gou was the one masquerading as the ghost and Katta realizes that he was in 'wakamama mode' and challenges him to a duel. 

During the duel Gou curses Katta with the Seven Incredible Curses which include the strategies of his Ghost deck:

After being saved from the final blow by Reckless Cut Scrapper, Katta wins the duel by summoning Laurier, Ogre Princess and evolving it into Onimaru "Explosion", Golden Age.


He uses a monocolored Darkness Civilization deck based on Ghosts.

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