Goth Loli Jenny
Civilizations: LightLight / DarknessDarkness
Card Type: Spell
Mana Cost:  4
English Text: Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it for no cost.)

Look at your opponent's hand and add a card from it to his shields face down.

Japanese Text: Shield Trigger S・トリガー (この呪文をシールドゾーンから手札に加える時、コストを支払わずにすぐ唱えてもよい)

■ 相手の手札を見る。その中から1枚選び、裏向きにして相手のシールドに加えてもよい。

Flavor Text: あら、私にその切り札がばれなければ、デュエキングになれたかもしれないのにね Oh, if I cannot get that trump card, it might have been a dueking. —Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet (DMEX-06)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: sarmat
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