Gogogo Gangan Galaxy
Japanflag.png G・G・Gゴゴゴ・ガンガン・ギャラクシー
(Gogogo Gangan Gyarakushī)
DMRP-06 Strike Back Galaxy 卍・Inferno・Annihilation!!
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Gogogo Gangan Galaxy is an ability word in the Fire Civilization.


It is exclusively found on Beat Jockeys.

This keyword has a variant;

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Gogogo Gangan Galaxy reads;

Gogogo Gangan Galaxy: If you have 1 or less card in your hand, EFFECT.


1 Great Sonic
Fire / Creature
Beat Jockey


Gogogo Gangan Galaxy: If you have 1 or less cards in your hand, this creature gets "speed attacker". (A creature that has "speed attacker" doesn't get summoning sickness.)

■ At the end of your turn, if this creature is untapped, return it to your hand.


Cards with the Gogogo Gangan Galaxy ability

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