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Gogogo Brand (deck)
"轟轟轟" ブランド (Gogogo Brand)
Japanese Wiki: 10403

Gogogo Brand is a Rush deck type.


It is a rush deck that depletes the hand quickly for sending out Gogogo Brand quickly to defeat the opponent as fast as in 2 turns. Such a method includes sending out a 1-drop and converting it to Nikujiru Busher. Provided if the player moves first, he would have only Gogogo Brand in his hand and can facilitate a quick shield break or even a theoretical 1-turn kill. Other finishers include Bad Brand due to the repeated summoning of cheap creatures, and Drill Squall can be used to severely delay the opponent.

However, as the deck relies on having no cards in hand, mass bounce such as Team Tech's Wave Go! can become a problem. Additionally due to the short-term combat natures of rush, if the rush is stopped somehow the player will likely lose. Furthermore it has no trigger resistances, so most dangerous triggers such as Heaven's Gate can spell doom easily.

Template Build

Gogogo Brand

Mono Fire Gogogo Brand Template.

(This deck was last updated August 2018.)

Other Variants

Due to Gogogo Brand's ability to be used regardless of civilization, it can basically fit into any rush deck, even in mono-nature or mono-light. The most common ones include Mono-Light variants while Mono-Nature variants can be used.

Mono Light Gogogo Brand

This deck behaves in a way similar to Southern Renaissance, although it is full on Rush and doesn't involve hand replenishment. It's basically the same thing where the field is amassed with weenies before Gogogo Brand is used as a finisher.

Due to Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal locking Shield Trigger spells, Mixel, Strange Stone locking down creature triggers before they can activate their come into play effects and Maruhavaan, Red Attack Silver providing destruction substitution to itself, it does have some resistance unlike the Mono-fire version.

Monowhite GGGBrand

Mono Light Gogogo Brand template.

# Card:
4 Gogogo Brand
3 Maruhavaan, Red Attack Silver
4 Heaven's Force
4 Mixel, Strange Stone / Jamming Chaff
4 Oriotis, Control Wings
4 Sky Chain, Red Wrath
4 Rhapsody, Guard of Hope
4 Tulk, the Oracle
4 Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal
2 Sol Habaki, Apocalyptic Sage
3 Onbar Brazen, the Propagating Defense

Mono Nature Gogogo Brand

This deck is similar to the Mono-Nature Stejura that appeared early in the DM2017 block until Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe's restriction, but it used Gogogo Brand as an extra finisher. It uses Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie to allow Gogogo Brand to activate its full potential at all times.

Mononature GGGbrand

Mono Nature Gogogo Brand template.

# Card:
4 Gogogo Brand
3 Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie
4 Hearty Cap'n Polligon
4 Jaberu, Snow Faerie
4 Lalala Life, Faerie Trick
4 Stejura, Samuraikind
4 Stepple, Cherry Blossom Wind Faerie
4 Treasure Map
4 Yadoc, Beast Army
3 Yuuko, Snow Cloth Faerie
1 Dandy Eggplant
1 Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe

Hybrid Variant

However, the metagame is filled with dangerous shield triggers, which can easily disrupt the process of the rush. Therefore, lockdown from the light civilization is combined with the speed of the fire civilization in order to create a rush deck that is fitting to the meta, maintaining high speed, high hand usage and also the ability to lock enemy triggers.

LF Gogogo 2

An example of a light fire Gogogo Brand deck.

# Card:
4 Gogogo Brand
4 Great Sonic
2 Rhapsody, Guard of Hope
2 Tulk, the Oracle
4 Mixel, Strange Stone / Jamming Chaff
3 Gigant, Roaring Car
2 Steam Hayatakitaki
4 Heaven's Force
4 Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal
3 Shibasi, Blue Defense Silver
4 Ori, Sneak Tank / Togeball Cannonball
3 Missile Jet
1 Magnum, Shortshot

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