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Japanflag.png ゴッド
Original Gods artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Goddo
Released In: DM-24 Violence Heaven
Civilization(s): Light / Water / Darkness / Fire / Nature
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Category: God

God is a race of creature that is shared between all 5 civilizations.


A creature with the God race will always feature the God Link keyword. This ability allows 2 or more creatures with this race to link together and form a single creature that combines each of its card characteristics, such as races, power and abilities together.

Gods can also be easily identified due to the card frame "spilling" out of the usual border towards the side where the God can be linked. Linking the other specified God will usually result in both Gods forming one larger picture with the "spill-over" artwork.

Most Gods can only link through either their left or right side, while others can link through both sides, forming an eventual 1x3 formation.

  • In later cases starting with DM-27 Perfect Heaven, combinations of Gods can link on all 3 sides (top or bottom, left and right) in such a way that they form a 2x2 formation or even a 2x3 by DM-35 Neverending Saga.

While they stopped being printed in booster packs after DM-35, they later reappeared in DMR-09 Rage vs God as the God Nova race with easier linking capabilities by not requiring specific creatures.

Race Category

Other God races include;

List of Gods

DM Booster Packs

DM-24 Violence Heaven

Left side of God Link: Right side of God Link:
God Earth Leopard God Apollonia Pegasus
Geki, Dragon Ultimate God Metsu, Dragon Ultimate God
Ganastora, Vajra God Garasarama, Shura King
Evil Ways God Kiki Foreign Ways God Kaikai
Kiritorawonga, Myriadblade Violence Elephant Kirimenole, Myriadcast Magic Elephant

DM-25 Violence Creator

Left side of God Link: Right side of God Link:
Otto, Worldly God Dokkoi, Fantasy God
Izana, Crime God Orphe, Punishment God
Gort, God of Sealing Tauros, Battle God
Aloro, War God Paloro, God of the Cycle
Riki, Thunder God Gou, Spirit God

DM-26 Dragonic Wars

Left side of God Link: Right side of God Link:
Aku, Ultimate God Zen, Transcendent God
Chemical, God of Sublimity or
Orbital, the Supreme God
Prodigy, the Finest God or
Underworld, the Greatest God

DM-27 Perfect Heaven

Light.png Light: Water.png Water: Darkness.png Darkness: Fire.png Fire: Nature.png Nature:
Shine Valkyrie, Heavenly God Blue Poseidon, Sea God Dark Indora, God of Darkness Flame Agon, God of Flames Emerald Pharaoh, Earth God

DM-28 Battle Galaxy

Left side of God Link: Right side of God Link:
Garyou, Suzaku God Tensei, Byakko God
Ludvica the 2nd, God of Mystic Light Leopold the 2nd, God of Mystic Light

DM-32 Evolution Saga

Top Left: Top Right:
Adge, Emperor of the Gods Ana, Emperor of the Gods
Moora, Emperor of the Gods Mani, Emperor of the Gods
Bottom Left: Bottom Right:

DM-33 Rising Dragon and DM-34 Cross Generation

Top Left: Top Right:
Macbeth, King of the Gods Titus, King of the Gods
Othello, King of the Gods Lear, King of the Gods
Bottom Left: Bottom Right:

DM-34 Cross Generation

Left side of God Link: Right side of God Link:
EVE, God of Spiritual Creation ADAM, God of Worldly Creation

DM-35 Neverending Saga

Top Left: Top Middle: Top Right:
Electron, the Original God Atom, the Divine Core Proton, the Original God
Quark, the Original God Neutron, the Original God Lepton, the Original God
Bottom Left: Bottom Middle: Bottom Right:

DMC Theme Decks and Extra Packs

DMC-40 Heavy Death Metal

Left side of God Link: Center of God Link: Right side of God Link:
Heavy, Dragon God Death, Destruction God Metal, Dragon God

DMC-55 CoroCoro Legend 7

Top Right: Bottom Right:
Suva, Emperor of the Gods Vishu, Emperor of the Gods

DMC-58 Mad Rock Chester

Left side of God Link: Center of God Link: Right side of God Link:
Mad Romanov, the Wicked God Rock Romanov, the Wicked God Chester Romanov, the Wicked God

DMC-63 Lunatic God

Top Left: Top Right:
Adge, Emperor of the Gods Ana, Emperor of the Gods
Suva, Emperor of the Gods
Moora, Emperor of the Gods Mani, Emperor of the Gods
Vishu, Emperor of the Gods
Bottom Left: Bottom Right:

DMX-21 Masters Chronicle Pack: Comic of Heroes

DMEX-16 20th Anniversary Huge Thanks Memorial Pack: The Chapter of The Skills The Heroes' Way Perfect 20


Unique Gods

These creatures have a God race but don't feature the usual characteristics such as having "God" in their card name or God Link abilities .

Reason: Card Name:
Doesn't have "God" (神) in its name. God Apollonia Pegasus
God Earth Leopard
Garasarama, Shura King
Kirimenole, Myriadcast Magic Elephant
Rising Sun, Holy Evil Elemental
Big Day Out, Holy Evil Demon
Doesn't have 'God Link' ability. Athena -Non-, Guardian of the Holy Grounds
Heavy Death Metal GS, Destruction Dragon God
Lunatic God GS, Emperor of the Gods
Baradeathmetal, Concatenated God Dragon
Diabloshinoh, Sutured General God
Doesn't have "God" in its name or 'God Link' ability. Adam, Primordial Duelist
Genmu Emperor (Heavy Star)
G.O.D.Z.A, Connected Extreme World
Gaiatom Six, Concatenated Thermal Nucleus
Mikadoleo, Doomsday Sutured King
God Momoking, Lunatic Hero
The=Deadluna, Evil Emperor Sutured King


  • For a full list of cards that support Gods, see here.

Name Categories



  • As you put a God in the battle zone, and you have a God with the specified card name or corresponding God Link ability in the battle zone, you may choose to link them.
    • Otherwise, you can't link God creatures together except through other card effects.
  • Similar to evolution creatures, linked Gods don't get summoning sickness and can attack immediately, even if each of the linked Gods are put into the battle zone during that same turn.
  • Some Gods have a Trigger Ability that occurs when they are linked, while others have a Static Ability that occurs while they are linked to another creature.
  • Once linked together, the Gods are considered to be a single creature, with their costs, names, races, power, civilizations and abilities all combined.
    • This also means that when Gods 2 or more of different civilizations are linked, the resulting creature is multicolored.
  • When a linked God attacks, all of the linked Gods tap.
  • When a linked God would leave the battle zone, the God's owner can choose which card of the link leaves the battle zone.
  • When you evolve a linked God, all parts of the creature count as the Evolution Source, and when the top card of the evolution stack leaves the battle zone, each of the Gods are linked again.
  • A linked god creature only destroys a single shield, unless one of the Gods has a Breaker keyword or static ability that gives a Breaker keyword while linked.

Other Meanings

Save for the above creature type, some creatures are known as Gods by name, or have powers close to those of Gods by the literal sense. These include: