This deck can no longer be used in the metagame due to Hall of Fame restrictions.

Giovanni Squall
ジョバンニ スコール (Jiyoban'ni Sukōru)
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Giovanni Squall is a combo deck type.


It is based on the spell Salvage ability of Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King's to stall the opponent early for a deck-out.

While it wasn't a metagame deck type in the past, it has gained good reinforcements in Revolution Final and is able to stop Revolution Change and Invasion rushes completely as those decks don't usually run Mana Acceleration.

With its early lockdown capabilities, it has became one of the most overwhelmingly difficult to deal with lockdowns in Duel Masters history. Due to the difficulty of facing off against it, Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King has been directly banned to 0 copies and the deck type was made defunct.

It can be used in Hall of Fame Zero Duel and is among one of the most dangerous decks there along with Kikuchi Patrol and Soulswap Loops, but is easily locked down by Orlilia, Flash of Justice if Mega Magma Dragon is not used. Thankfully, this is now easily migtated by Diceclops.

Main cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King Deck's concept, recover 1 cost spells.
Drill Squall Cost 1 Mana Burn.
Red Ridaz', Explosive Daredevils Essential in burning the opponent's mana.
Oriotis, Control Wings Anti-Invasion meta card.
Oriotis Judge If paired with mana burn, it can remove the opponent's creatures.
Hibiki, Explosive Mirror Anti-Spell meta card.

Candidate cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Steam Hayatakitaki Weenie removal.
Scale of Bravery and Love Discard Red Ridaz, draw, possible weenie removal.
Diceclops Quick early game removal that fits with the theme of this deck.
Ninja Typhoon Get Giovanni in your hand early.
Logic Circle Deck Search for Drill Squall.
Glory Stone Mana acceleration against Mono-Nature Sasoris.
Light Gate Reanimate Giovanni and Oriotis.
Hyperspatial Musha Hole Psychic support.
Mega Magma Dragon Counter to Rushes and Sasoris spam decks.
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