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This is a Vanilla card.
Gigappi Ponto
Gigappi Ponto
Civilizations: Darkness Darkness / Fire Fire
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 3
Races: Chimera / Fire Bird
English Text:

​■ (This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)

Power: 4000
Flavor Texts: "I like this planet. It's full of horrible little surprises. I was planning to destroy it in a fiery cataclysm of death, but maybe I'll do a little sightseeing first." —Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom (DM-12)
急げや急げ天高く。集えや集え天焦がし。さぁ不死鳥のお出ましだ。"Hurry, hurry, reaching for the sky. Gather, gather, scorching the heavens. Now, it's time for the phoenix to make its appearance." (DM-12)
ムダな事を・・・、わたしに逆らった事、後悔するがいい! ""You will regret opposing me, for futile endeavors..."" —Zakira (DMC-48)
Once thought to have been killed by Zakira, Shobu's father, Shori, survived in Spain as a guardian of Duel Masters. White, who had come to Spain aiming for Shori, challenged him to a duel. Shori was on the verge of winning against White. However, due to GARDE's curse, he couldn't finish him off, and White took advantage of that moment to eliminate Shori. —History of the Battle between Shobu and GARDE: Part 4 (DMBD-16)
「クールなまつげッピ! お手入れどうしてるッピ?」「それは答えられないッピよ?」――ギガッピの会話 "Hey, cool eyelashes, Gippi! How do you take care of them, Gippi?" "I can't answer that, Gippi." ― Conversation with Gigappi (P19/Y8)
お、おいらはおいしくないッピよ!? "Hey, I'm not tasty, Gippi! ―Gigappi Ponto (P27/Y8)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator: Yarunoca
Other Card Information: