George Kamamoto
釜本かまもと ジョージ
Civilization(s) WaterWater NatureNature
Voice Actor Tim Diamond (Season 1)
Terrence Stone (Season 1.5)
Brian Beacock (Season 2)
若本 規夫
Norio Wakamoto

George Kamamoto (also known as Boy George) is a character who first appeared in the Sacred Lands season of the Duel Masters Anime.


His pajama outfit changes appearance in each season of the anime.


Season 1

George is an older duelist who is short and wears a pink bear suit as well as a pacifier. He rides around in a motor baby carriage.

He is a skillful duelist and has even defeated Mimi fairly easily on his first appearance.

Duel Masters Charge

After to losing to Yumama in Duel Masters Charge he also withdraws from the tournament.


Season 1

He used a Water Civilization deck based on the Liquid People race.

Sacred Lands

In the Sacred Lands season, his deck was filled with Water Civilization cards. He used the same deck from Season 1. He added the next new cards:

Duel Masters Charge

In Duel Masters Charge, he used a Water and Darkness deck.

Duel Masters Zero

In Zero Duel Masters: Episode Listing he changes to a Water and Darkness civilization deck.

Duel Masters Cross

During Duel Masters Cross he started to use a Fire and Nature civilization deck.

Duel Masters Cross Shock

At the beginning of the season he used a Nature Civilization deck based around the Dreammate and Vehicle Bee races.

Later during the season he also added cards of the "Kankuro" line of psychic creatures.

Duel Masters: Volume 8 Chapter 1

He was defeated against Shobu using these cards.



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