Gennai Saiba
才場さいば 源内げんない
DM-Victory V 19
Civilization(s) WaterWater
Voice Actor 宇佐美涼子
Ryoko Usami
Signature Card(s) Cyber Kuhn, Super Hacker

Gennai Saiba was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory V season of the Duel Masters Anime.


He was a tech genius in the class. At one time, Katta Kirifuda and his team helped him to test his mobile cameras and viewing goggles. During his work, he got attacked and controlled by an intruder who broke into his lab was none other than Leo Hyakujuu. Under Leo's control, he dueled Katta and was snapped out of Leo's control after Katta defeats him. He plays a major role in helping Katta and his team to find the culprit who was responsible for the unusual possessions within the class.

After the class got sealed in cards and captured by YA.RA.SI, he and Dan Danda worked together to defeat Atsushi Tracking.


He used a monocolored Water Civilization deck based on Cyber races.

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