The general game rules is a summary of the detailed rules of the Trading Card Game.


Although all players that play the game don't need to be completely familiar with all of the rules in order to know How to Play, the general game rules can be useful if one wishes to know more details or help solve specific rules that may come up during a game.

The general game rules are based on the OCG and it can be applied on TCG for the most part. However, there are differences between the OCG and TCG rules. For example, rule 100.2. states that a deck must contain 40 cards exactly, while there is no maximum deck size in TCG.

The general game rules are officially provided only in Japanese, but the rules are translated by Duel Masters Wiki users.

Other Details

It was first announced in July 2015 and can be viewed on the Duel Masters Official Homepage, and was implemented due to the first Certified Grand Prix of "Duel Masters Grand Prix 1st".

Its not intended to be used for casual games between friends or information competitions, instead to be used for Official Tournaments and Championship events.

While it was only introduced in the games 14th year, official rules were posted in various places on the homepage previously with errata used for any conflicting card information.

Some information sure as the appearance of the Final supertype and Core as a card type weren't seen in the rulebook before the appearance of Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon, resulting in provisional answers at the national tournament in December 2016.

Current version

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.13 (March 16th, 2018)


Latest Edition

Older Editions

File: Version: Last Updated:
[ 1.12 September 28, 2018
[ 1.11 September 21, 2018
[ 1.10 September 7, 2018
[ 1.9 August 9, 2018
[ 1.8 June 11, 2018
[ 1.7 March 2, 2018
[ 1.6 October 6, 2017
[ 1.5 April 6, 2017
[ 1.4.1 January 1, 2017
[ 1.4 September 9, 2016
[ 1.3.2 May 24, 2016
[ 1.3.1 May 20, 2016
[ 1.3 May 13, 2016
[ 1.2.2 February 1, 2016
[ 1.1 December 15, 2015
[ 1.0.2 July 22, 2015
[ 1.0.1 July 15, 2015
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