Gekko Kingdom
Japanflag.png 月光げっこう王国おうこく
Gekko Kingdom.png
Phonetic: Gekkō Ōkoku
Released In: DMRP-15 Phantom Dragon x Swift Attack Genmu Emperor!!!
Civilization(s): Light / Darkness
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Gekko Kingdom

Gekko Kingdom is a race of creature in the Light and Darkness civilizations.


This race has an associated keyword, Oshiokimoon.

It also appears as a subtype on spells and is used by Kouki.

The Kingdom's residents are largely consisted of the Devil Mask, Angel Command and Demon Command race of creatures. Many of them also have military or ninja/assassin motifs.


Cards with the Oshiokimoon keyword have つき (Tsuki, Moon) in their names.

  • The kanji for 月 on those cards were written in a different font from usual, as well as being slightly larger than other text in the card name.

Usual creatures are named in a "poetic" fashion.


There are currently no cards or evolution creatures that specify Gekko Kingdom.




  • Just like early Initiates, most cards of the Gekko Kingdom race have a unique flavor text pattern, consisting of an abstract poem-like sentence with an interpretation that deciphers its meaning.
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