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Gekko Kingdom
Japanflag.png 月光げっこう王国おうこく
Gekko Kingdom.png
Phonetic: Gekkō Ōkoku
Released In: DMRP-15 Phantom Dragon x Swift Attack Genmu Emperor!!!
Civilization(s): Light / Darkness
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Gekko Kingdom

Gekko Kingdom is a race of creature in the Light and Darkness civilizations.


This race has an associated keyword, Oshiokimoon.

It also appears as a subtype on spells and is used by Kouki.

The Kingdom's residents are largely consisted of the Devil Mask for low-cost creatures, while high-cost creatures often both have the Angel Command and Demon Command races.

  • Many of these Devil Mask creatures also have military. or Ninja / Assassin motifs, as well as camoflague based designs, likely due to Kouki being a soldier raised and born on the battlefield.

Creatures with this race include poetic sentences in their flavor text.

  • However, even with the translation, these can be seen as abstract expressions and ideas.


Cards with the Oshiokimoon keyword have つき (Tsuki, Moon) in their names.

  • The kanji for 月 on those cards were written in a different font from usual, as well as being slightly larger than other text in the card name.

Usual creatures are named in a "poetic" fashion.


There are currently no cards or evolution creatures that specify Gekko Kingdom.




  • Just like early Initiates, most cards of the Gekko Kingdom race have a unique flavor text pattern, consisting of an abstract poem-like sentence with an interpretation that deciphers its meaning.