Civilization(s) WaterWater.png
Voice Actor 市川太一
Ichikawa Taichi
Signature Card(s) A Stra Zeele

'Gap is the other Water Civilization Duel Master, introduced in the Duel Masters! season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Gap is nearly identical to Cap in appearance, but wears of a blue tight futuristic bodysuit, a speaker and gauntlet attached on his arm.

He shares a virtually identical personality as his twin brother, although he uses the power to villainous goals and sides with Ze-ro and Kejisuki. He is a calm and calculating schemer.

He is initially identified as "Cap" and uses his name, but is nicknamed "Gap" by Ze-ro.

In a duel, unlike his twin brother


He uses a Water Civilization deck based on the Orega Aura cardtype as well as the Tricks/Deletron races.

He was the first character to introduce the Orega Aura and Gacharange Creature card types.

Total record: 2 games, 2 wins.

  • Duel Masters! (2017)
Episode #: Opponent Outcome Deck name
45 Ze-ro Victory Unknown
3 Bolts Victory A Stra Sere Delete

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