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ガンヴィート (Gan'vu~īto)
Dark Strike SP artwork.jpg
Released: DM-37 Dark Emperor
Civilization: Darkness Darkness.png
Race(s): Demon Command
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Category for Ganveet

Ganveet is a Name Category of creatures in the Darkness Civilization.


This category is in a cycle of categories that first became categories in DM-39 Psychic Splash with the release of the "SP" creature cycle. Each of those "SP" creatures has a Tap Ability that allows them to put out a Psychic Creature with a certain Card Name from the hyperspatial zone into the battle zone.

Civilization: "SP" Creature: Name Category:
Light Light.png Tulk SP Five Star
WaterWater.png Ribbity SP G Hogan
Darkness Darkness.png Dark Strike SP Ganveet
Fire Fire.png Reppi SP Aini GENJI Double Cross
Nature Nature.png Princess Cub SP Kankuro



Cards that support the Ganveet category

Support Creature Card Effect:
Dark Strike SP ■ Instead of having this creature attack, you may tap this creature and 4 untapped cards in your mana zone to use its Tap.png ability.
Tap.png If you don't have a psychic creature that has Ganveet in its name in the battle zone, put a "Black Ganveet, Temporal Wicked Soldier" from your hyperspatial zone into the battle zone.

List of Ganveet cards

DM-39 Psychic Splash



Name Category
AiniAwakenedBallomBaraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum
Crimson LordBolbergBolshackDouble CrossDokindamDG
Emperor of the GodsForbiddenGaialGaial KaiserGuerrilla Division
Heaven'sHoly SparkHyperspatialJhot Gun JoragonJohnnyLord of Spirits
LupiaMeijinMenMomokingMount FujiyamaxMystery
MushaNazoNEXNero Gryphis, Mystic Light EmperorParasParlockPrin
QuestionReaperRomanovRomanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye
RyuseiShenStored MagicTesta RossaVictoryWhite KnightYamatoZeta

Ken, Crimson LordRock-Paper-Scissors