Game Original Card
(Gēmu Orijinaru Kādo)
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Game Original Cards are cards that are exclusive to the Duel Masters Video Games.


Each of these cards don't have a physically released card (with the exception of Galberius Dragon). However, Galberius's original printing had a red card back and was considered a Disabled Card, unable to be used for official tournament events.

They also feature races not appearing in the Trading Card Game, with Holy Dragon and Cyber Dragon (appearing before Light and Water first had dragon races in DM-22 The Dragonic Nova).

Some of them feature randomly calculated abilities not possible in the physical Trading Card Game.

There is a game original keyword of "Hunter", where a creature automatically wins a battle against a specified race of creature.

In 2012, Takara Tomy announced that they are withdrawing for the Video Game industry due to their overall negative reception by Japanese gamers, so no future game original cards will appear.

List of Video Games

Duel Masters: Cobalt

Duel Masters: Nettou! Battle Arena

The game features all cards up to DM-04 Challenge of Black Shadow.

  • No original cards.

Duel Masters 2 Invincible Advance

The game features all cards up to DM-06 Invincible Soul.

Duel Masters 2 Shobu Kirifuda Version

This game contains the same cards as the original release as well as Emperor Aloera as a new original card.

Duel Masters 3

The game features most cards up to Fighting Spirit Saga.

Duel Masters: Birth of the Super Dragon

The game features mosts cards up to DM-12 Eternal Vortex.

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