This dragheart is the flipped side of Gaiohburn, Head General Sword
Gairaioh, Victory Head
勝利しょうり覇闘はどう ガイラオウ
Civilization: FireFire
Card Type: Dragheart Creature Dragheart Symbol
Psychic Cost:  9
Race: Gaial Command Dragon
English Text: Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)

Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

■ During each turn, when you are attacked for the first time, you may have the attacking creature battle with this creature.

Japanese Text: ■ スピードアタッカー(このクリーチャーは召喚酔いしない)

■ W・ブレイカー(このクリーチャーはシールドを2枚ブレイクする)

■ 各ターン、はじめて自分が攻撃された時、このクリーチャーとその攻撃クリーチャーをバトルさせてもよい。

Power:  11000
Flavor Text: モルトよ!次元を超えたというその力を見せてみよ!我が主に相応しいか見極めてくれるわ! Glenmalt! Show me that power that surpass the Dimensions! Let's see if you are worthy to be my lord! ――Gairaioh, Victory Head (DMD-20)
ついに、再び皆の前に現れることができたな。Finally, I was able to appear before everyone again. ――Gairaioh, Victory Head (DMX-22)
Mana Number: 0
Illustrator(s): shosuke
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