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Gaial Command Dragon
Japanflag.png ガイアール・コマンド・ドラゴン
Batrevenge, Passion Dragon artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Gaiāru Komando Doragon
Released In: DMR-13 Dragsolution Gaiginga
Civilization(s): Fire Fire.png
Race Category: Command
Command Dragon
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Category: Gaial Command Dragon

Gaial Command Dragon is a race of Command Dragon creature in the Fire Civilization.


Non-evolution creatures that don't have Mana Arms 7 have ねっけつりゅう (Nekketsu Ryū) meaning "Passion Dragon" in their names.

Evolution Creatures have ちょうねっけつ (Chō Nekketsu) meaning "Ultra Passion" in their names.


The Red Command Dragons were the first Command Dragon race of the Fire civilization. One of the first Red Command Dragons, Gaial Kaiser, has his name inherited by the dragheart Gaial, Leader Dragon Sword. According to the lore, after Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon appeared, the Armored Dragons and Red Command Dragons combined into the new race of Gaial Command Dragons.


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Cards supported by Gaial Command Draons

Supported Card: Card Effect:
Gaial, Leader Dragon Sword Dragsolution: Whenever one of your Gaial Command Dragons or creature that has "Gaial" in its name attacks, flip this card to the dragheart creature side and untap it.



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