• Q: How does this cards "Infinite Soulshift" ability actually work?
    • A: Like with other evolution creatures with a Super Infinite Evolution, you can put this on any number of your creatures, in this case, any number of creatures with the Outrage race. When this card is summoned, you can reduce its cost by the cost of the cards under it, like the regular "Soulshift" ability.
      • If for example, you had an Outrage creature that costs 7 and an Outrage creature that cots 5, you could reduce Gaial, King of Kaisers mana cost by up to 12 (7+5), and only pay 13 (25-12) mana to summon it.
  • Q: What makes "Infinite Soulshift" different from the regular "Soulshift"? Is it "Infinite" because of the type of Evolution taking place?
    • A: Yes. It differs in that you can evolve Gaial, King of Kaiser over multiple creatures and his cost can be reduced by all the cards under him, unlike evolution creatures with the regular Soulshift where they only evolve over a single creature.
  • "Guy-R" is read as "Gaial" (ガイアール). Therefore, it is affected by cards that support the Gaial name category.
Gaial, King of Kaiser
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