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ガイアール (Gaiāru)
Gaial Diez artwork.jpg
Released: DMR-01 First Contact
Civilization(s): FireFire.png
Race: Red Command Dragon / Hunter
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Category for Gaial

Gaial is a Name Category of creatures in the Fire Civilization that first appeared in DMR-01 First Contact.


The name Gaial (ガイアール, Gaiaru) comes from "Ganhar" which is Portuguese for victory.

As a card used by Katta Kirifuda in the Duel Masters Victory and later anime series, this category of cards has had multiple variations across the creature types.

However, until the release of Gaial, Leader Dragon Sword from DMD-18 Super Victory Deck: Blaze Up Dragon Sword Gaial, no cards directly referenced the "Gaial" card name.

While primarily featuring the Red Command Dragon and Hunter races, they later turned into Outrage MAX; Gaial, King of Kaiser, and like other fire dragons in the Dragon Saga became Gaial Command Dragons; one of them being Gaial Mobius, Victory Emperor.

It is quite prominent as a category for being part of 5 different Psychic Super Creatures.

List of Gaial creatures


Evolution Creatures:

Psychic Creatures:

Psychic Super Creatures:


Related Cards



Cards supported by creatures with "Gaial" in their name

Support Card: Card Effect:
Gaial, Leader Dragon Sword ■ Dragsolution: Whenever one of your Gaial Command Dragons or creature that has Gaial in its name attacks, flip this card to the dragheart creature side and untap it.



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