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Gachinko Judge
Japanflag.png ガチンコ・ジャッジ (Gachinko Jajji)
Released: DMR-05 Golden Age
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Gachinko Judge is a keyword and keyword action.


Cards with this triggered keyword play a game of Gachinko Judge in order to determine if some subsequent effect will happen. To play Gachinko Judge, the player, and his opponent reveals the top card of their decks, and if the cost of the player's card is the same or more than their opponent's, you win the game of Gachinko Judge and an effect triggers. Gachinko Judge has never yet been the sole effect of a card, such that a card is of entirely no use should its controller lose at Gachinko Judge.

Most games of Gachinko Judge are creature-based and trigger when a creature with the keyword attacks. However, some creatures trigger a game of Gachinko Judge when they enter the battle zone and spells with the ability to trigger a game as their final effect.

While it is luck based, unlike the similar Rock-Paper-Scissors, Gachinko Judge is not completely reliant of one's luck as via deck-building one can increase the chances of winning it and moving high-cost cards on the top of one's deck can almost guarantee one would win Gachinko Judge at least once. However, it is generally not recommended to fill one's deck with high-cost cards just to win Gachinko Judge as doing so violates the logic of deck building and thus increasing the chances of a player losing the game.

While being a seemingly unreliable ability, Gachinko Judge cards such as Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush and Gachinko Roulette had managed to put themselves on top of the metagame and even entering the Hall of Fame.

Reminder Text

The current reminder text for Gachinko Judge reads;

Gachinko Judge: Each player reveals the top card of their deck, then puts it on the bottom. You win if your card costs the same as or more than your opponent.


10 Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush
Fire Fire.png / Creature
Human + Red Command Dragon + Hunter + Alien

■ Speed attacker

■ Power attacker +5000

■ Whenever this creature attacks, you and your opponent play Gachinko Judge. If you win, take another turn after this one.

■ Triple breaker

Cards with the Gachinko Judge ability


Evolution Creatures:

Psychic Creatures:




Cards that support Gachinko Judge

Support Creature: Card Effect:
Aqua Intelligence 3rd G ■ In Gachinko Judge, your revealed cards cost 3 more.
Dokameshi Giant ■ In Gachinko Judge, instead of putting the card on the bottom of your deck, you may put it into your mana zone.
Prin, Reversal Princess ■ When you reveal this card during Gachinko Judge or when you put this creature into the battle zone, you may tap or untap a creature in the battle zone.
Prin, Sparkling Princess / Hunter☆Alien Friendly Beam ■ When you reveal this creature during Gachinko Judge, you may put it into the battle zone instead of putting it on the bottom of your deck.


Tiger Boy, the Ogre Beast ■ When one of your creatures attacks, when you win Gachinko Judge for the first time during that turn, you may untap that creature.
Yamatahead 8th G, Ultra Warrior ■ In Gachinko Judge, your revealed Dragon cards cost 8 more.
Goodnight Mr. Hippopo ■ When you win a game of Gachinko Judge by revealing this card, put this card into the battle zone instead of being put on the bottom of your deck.


  • Q: If I win a game of Gachinko Judge, am I forced to trigger the ability (such as Aqua Hammer Price?
    • Yes, it is compulsory. However you must follow the resulting rules text as closely as any other, so if the effect says you "may" do something if you win, then you may choose not to do it, as with Aqua Hammer Price's optional draw. You must cycle the top card of your deck, however, so even if the result of Gachinko Judge ultimately does nothing, you will at the very least have to have revealed and rotated out the top card of your deck.  
  • Q: What happens if your opponent wins the game of Gachinko Judge?
    • Nothing, they do not get any benefits from winning Gachinko Judge. Note the Gachinko Judge rules text only cares if you, the controller of the Gachinko Judge ability, win, and it only proceeds if you do.
  • Q: I have a card that prevents my opponent from looking at the top of their deck (Such as Q.Q.QX. and I play Gachinko Judge with him. What happens?
    • The opponent is considered to have been revealed a cost 0 card and you win.


  • This keyword is designed after the Clash keyword from Magic: The Gathering, an ability allowing you to "Clash" with your opponent. You won a "Clash" by revealing a card from the top of your deck with a strictly higher cost than your opponent, allowing your card to gain an additional or stronger effect. Besides the stricter criterion for victory, another key difference between the two abilities is that Clash lets you keep your topdeck in place afterward if you wish, whereas Duel Masters requires the card to be put on the bottom of your deck.
    • The Kaijudo trading card game later received the same ability, also named Clash.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 701.21. Gachinko Judge
    • 701.21a To Gachinko Judge, each player reveals the top card of their deck and then puts it on the bottom of their deck.
    • 701.21b If the player who initiated the Gachinko Judge revealed a card that has a cost the same as or greater than their opponent's revealed card, that player wins the Gachinko Judge.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 701.21. ガチンコ・ジャッジする
    • 701.21a ガチンコ・ジャッジするとは、各プレイヤーが自身の山札の上から1枚目を見せ、それを山札の一番下に置く、ということです。
    • 701.21b ガチンコ・ジャッジ能力を使ったプレイヤーはそのガチンコ・ジャッジにおいて相手以上のマナコストのカードを見せた場合, そのガチンコ・ジャッジに勝ったことになります.
    • 701.21c ガチンコ・ジャッジ能力によってツインパクトのように2つのコストを持つカードを見せた場合、それを見せたプレイヤーはどちらのコストを参照するかを決定します。