Gacharange Summon
GRガチャレンジ召喚しょうかん (Gacharenji Shōkan)

Gacharange Summon

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Gacharange Summon is a keyword action.


It is the act of putting a Gacharange Creature from your Super Gacharange Zone into the battle zone and having their cost paid by this action.

Certain creatures and spells in the Light, Fire and Nature civilizations can do a Gacharange Summon with their abilities.

It also appears on Orega Aura.

List of cards that can Gacharange Summon




 ■ Balisuitoyo / Water Bottle Jutsu
 ■ Burnmare the Silver / Oraora Slash
 ■ FASORASI Dokkan / ♪ Dowadokkannodo
 ■ GARIGARI Nappam / Death Punchline
 ■ Gachabeth 1 / Gachagacha Scramble
 ■ Great-Armed Projuicer / Apple Juice Girls are Triple Girls
 ■ Haileader, Play Music / Melody 3 「Temptation」
 ■ Hope, Judgment Bond's Rainbow / Keyboard Access
 ■ Ikkodas Cage / Seed Destiny
 ■ Magi, Mechanic / 「Power of Hand Des」
 ■ Potpiehat Kozo / Stew Routing
 ■ Sukima De Meer / Welcome to ~ here...!
 ■ Torakuru, Play Music / Melody 5 「Sound Tornado」

Orega Aura



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