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Gacharange Summon
GRガチャレンジ召喚しょうかん (Gacharenji Shōkan)
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Gacharange Summon is a keyword action.


It is the act of putting a Gacharange Creature from your Super Gacharange Zone into the battle zone and having their cost paid by this action.

Gacharange summon: Summon the top card of your super gacharange with its cost paid.

Certain creatures and spells in the Light, Water, Fire and Nature civilizations can do a Gacharange Summon with their abilities.

  • This includes each creature with the Wonderforce race (with the exception of a few cards such as Paradiso Ciel).
    • This is paired with Metallica (Light) or the Jokers (Fire / Nature) race. This also later expanded into Jokers in the Water civilization.
  • The Darkness civilization later had spells that can gacharange summon (albeit rarely). They also featured no creatures that can gacharange summon.

It also appears on Orega Aura.

DMEX-08 released a cycle of Orega Aura based on former Cross Gear cards in each civilization, introducing them to the Light and Fire civilizations. These Cross Gear feature no races.

List of cards that can Gacharange Summon




Orega Aura