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Gacharange Creature
(Gacharenji Kurīchā)

GR back

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GR Creatures are a card type of creature first introduced in DMRP-09.


A GR creature begins the game in your Uber GR Zone. These cards feature an exclusive white card back.

You must have 12 cards in your Uber GR zone if you use it and they are counted separately from your deck of 40 cards. At anytime during a duel you are allowed to look at your opponent's Uber GR zone and return it in the same order as it's considered a Public Zone.

To put a GR Creature from your Uber GR Zone into the battle zone, you need to GR Summon them. This involves revealing the top card of your Uber GR Zone and putting it into the battle zone. This pays it's cost, but does not tap any of your cards in your Mana Zone.

5 The Joragon Gunmaster
Colorless / GR Creature
Master Dragon + Jokers + Wonderforce


■ If you have a total of 5 or more Jokers in the battle zone or your mana zone, this creature can attack your opponent on the turn you put it into the battle zone.

■ Ultra Heaven Fever: If you have a total of 10 or more Jokers in the battle zone or your mana zone, this creature gets +8000 power and has "double breaker", and whenever this creature attacks, discard any number of Jokers from your hand.

Certain cards and abilities (such as Orega Aura) are able to GR Summon.


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