Funky Knightmare
Japanflag ファンキー・ナイトメア
Phonetic: Fankī Naitomea
Released In: DMR-13 Dragsolution Gaiginga
Civilization(s): Darkness / Fire
Group of Races: Knight / Knightmare
Japanese Wiki: 7286
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Funky Knightmare is a race of Knightmare creature in the Darkness Civilization.


They are usually consisted of small creatures that cost 5 or less. They usually have effects that trigger upon being destroyed, Slayer or effects that utilize the Graveyard.


Funky Knightmares are similar to Death Puppets in motif, but are plush toys instead of puppets.

They seem to be suicide-happy in nature and enjoy killing themselves via various methods, such as injection and being eaten. However, later on Funky Knightmares who do not specialize in suicide but assassination had appeared.

The main themes of Dragon Saga Funky Knightmares are animals but also extend to other forms such as ninjas and food.

In Revolution, the Funky Knightmares are allied with the Invaders and have a cat, horror movie or zombie theme, with the latter only used on creatures related to S-Rank Invaders.

Although fewer in number, in Revolution Final the Funky Knightmares are allied with the Revolutionaries and kept the previous gargoyle, food and cat themes. However, due to Team Acme being actually Initials, they sided with them as well.


Funky Knightmares are also affected by all cards that affect Knights, but currently there are no evolution creatures that specify Funky Knightmares.

Support Creature: Card Effect:
Awaltia, Greed Demon Dragon ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, return all Funky Knightmare from your graveyard to your hand.
Chokirabi, Scissors Phantom ■ When this creature or another Funky Knightmare is destroyed, you may draw a card.
Duenyan Emperor ■ Invasion—Funky Knightmare
■ After this creature attacks, put a non-evolution Funky Knightmare that costs 6 or less from your graveyard under this creature.
■ When this creature is destroyed, put all Funky Knightmares that were under this creature from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Fudougamaou, Covert Demon Dragon ■ When one of your opponent's creatures attack, if it is the first attack that turn, you may put a Funky Knightmare from your hand that costs 6 or less into the battle zone. If you do, destroy that Funky Knightmare at the end of the turn.
Gensetoraise, Burial Hero ■ Mana Arms 7: Whenever this creature attacks, if you have 7 or more darkness cards in your mana zone, choose any number of Funky Knightmares that have total cost of 5 or less from your graveyard and put them into the battle zone.
Go To Hell, Annihilator Blade ■ When you put this dragheart into the battle zone, or whenever a creature equipped with this attacks, you may put a Funky Knightmare that costs 5 or less from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Saturday Knightmare Fever ■ Destroy all creatures. Then each player puts all Knightmare, Death Puppets, Devil Masks and Ghosts from their graveyard into the battle zone.

These cards are supported by Funky Knightmares:

Supported Creature: Card Effect:
Packpock Pig ■ This creature gets +1000 power for each of your Funky Knightmares in your graveyard.
See also: Support for Knight creatures



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