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Functional Reprint
相互互換 (Sōgo gokan)
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A Functional Reprint refers to cards that are near-exact copies of each other in terms of mana cost, and abilities.


An example of functional reprint creatures;

4 Tentacle Worm
DarknessDarkness.png/ Creature
Parasite Worm

4 Nightmare Invader
DarknessDarkness.png/ Creature
Devil Mask

4 Chilled Horn Dragoon
DarknessDarkness.png/ Creature
Tyranno Drake

The cards feature the same civilization, cost and power as each other. They differ in unimportant to the game details such as Flavor Text, artist, or set.

However, they do feature other importance differences such as Card Name and Race.

By using functional reprint cards in your deck, you can help to reduce the impact on removal based on a card name such as The Grave of Angels and Demons or Super Hopeless Vortex has against your deck.

It also allows you to use other forms of race or race category support based on their name. For example, while Logic Cube and Logic Spark are the same card, Logic Spark is supported by the Spark category. This is also true for Heaven's Cube which can search out Heaven's Charger but not Lightning Charger. This makes Logic Spark and Heaven's Charger an upgrade.

Some cards however don't feature additional support but might be reprinted as a different card name for flavor concerns.

Be noted that Alcaclown, Heavenly Crime Fallen General and Domitius, Evil Emperor of Five Dragonskind are not considered functional reprints since they are different in civilization spread and Alcaclown has no Dragon Race, resulting it to be unable in Revolution Change.