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Full Frame Foil
フルフレームフォイル (Furu Furēmu Foiru)
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Full Frame Foil is a card frame where the illustrations are drawn on the entire card, as well as being foil processed. It is abbreviated as FFF.


The first cards that appeared with this treatment were Ballom, Master of Death and Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits which were awarded from visiting the 2008 event of the "Duel Masters Sengoku Musou Kai".

After that, it was used by all cards in the Super Deck Cross series, and becoming a standard specification in all Super Deck decks with subtle variations.

In a regular booster pack, it was first seen on the Secret Rare version of Valkyrias Musashi, Ultimate Battle Dragon.

Due to the illustrations featured over the entire card, it can sometimes be difficult to judge the color of a cards civilization with a quick glance. This can be doubly so for cards in the hyperspatial zone or Double Victory cards where the Mana Number doesn't appear.

No cards with a Full Frame Foil had Flavor Text on them for a long time, but this was changed after Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon, Blue Divine Dragon and Dark Lucifer, Demonic Eyed Gunman.

After Dragon Saga, all Super Rare and above cards are full frame foils.